1. Phewph! As a beginner, this workout was a challenge but it was still good. I extended my rests after the second round to about a minute which helped. I was able to hold a full plank for all three rounds and for some of the fourth where I then dropped to a half plank. I’m pretty chuffed about that. ^_^

  2. To anyone who’s reading this:
    You are strong. You are beautiful. You are powerful.
    Remind yourself that working out is not a punishment for what you ate, but a celebration of what your body can do!
    I hope you have a fantastic day :))

  3. Omg this is the best beginners workout ever! Super realistic and was able to keep up! 💕

  4. Absolutely no part of that is HIIT.
    People gotta be pretty stupid to take advice from someone who doesn’t even understand the words in their own video title 🙄

  5. Does anyone knows how much calories I can burn from this workout so that I can track it? Thanks

  6. This is a great entry level HIIT workout. I KNOW I will stick with this..Thank you!..Subscribed and downloading app❤

  7. I’m literally sweating and out of breath from that ! that means it works and it also means I’m seriously out of shape!!!

  8. I am beginning my journey of self love after years of depression. I didn’t pay attention to the time and focused on the workout. I’m in tears. This is the first workout I’ve ever completed. I’m so proud of myself. I’ll update this comment in a year and tell you of how much I’ve lost. Thank you so much for posting this. God bless you all on your journey too.

  9. Thank u I am gonna do this every day😌I am working out as I get called fat and now I am rlly insecure and want to do something about it

  10. Loved this, thankyou so much for a realistic workout for beginners which is easy to fit into mum/work life aha! How many days a week should I do this work out please?

  11. Hey there, I’m thinking on adding this workout to my schedule and was wondering how to space out these sessions. I’ve read an article that mentioned that for HIIT workouts you need to ensure there has been a 24h rest period after a session to let the body recover before starting another session. Is this true?

  12. *Thank you for this awesome short and to-the-point workout! I was able to keep up, although my knees wouldn’t cooperate when it was time to do the squats. 😂 Eventually, when I’ve taken off a LOT of weight, my knees will be in agreement with squats.*

  13. I do this workout while prolonged water fasting. Thank youuuuu so much for the video. Im a heavy smoker with all those shitty things that happened in ny life. Your hiit method truly helps. Definitely subscribed. Terima kasih

  14. Tired of being fat and probably gonna die before 30, first day of getting into exercise. I’m not doing the bonus round but I’m moving and trying to send a routine.

  15. i’m trying to lose weight and besides having multiple cardio machines like a bicycle and crosstrainer i also want to do workouts to train my body. everytime i look up online workouts they are atleast 15 minutes long and very intensive to the point i cant do every part of it like i would want to. this is such a realistic beginners workout, i cant wait to try it tonight!

  16. I discovered HIIT workout only today! I previously watched a video where the guy gave three easy and realistic steps to weight loss, without dieting: 1. Carb cycling (cut on carbs, low carbs and full carbs days during the way) 2. Eating good fats – boosting metabolism and finally, 3. 3 x15mins of HIIT workout a week Hope this helps! I am happy I found this video, this workout is very suitable for me! I never worked out in my life, not the best lifestyle either, but I have stubborn belly fat that I can’t hide anymore. I cut down carbs about a 1 month ago, and l am already feeling better with myself, eating the food I love, without starving. I recently started to work on myself, if l can do it, YOU can do it

  17. Hi! Thank you for sharing this workout routine. I just started my fitness journey today and hopefully it will help me to get fit 🙂

  18. So glad I found this. I’m trying to start a healthier journey, and this was a great start. I really enjoyed the whole workout. And no judgement! Thank you ❤️

  19. Day 1✅
    Day 2 ✅
    Day 3 ✅
    Day 4 ✅
    Day 5 ✅
    Day 6 ✅
    Day 7 ✅
    Day 8 ✅
    Day 9 ✅
    Day 10 ✅
    Day 11 ✅

  20. Does anybody else experience this strange phenomenon? I’ll start working out for a few weeks. Everything is going great. I’m feeling noticeably better. And then I get out of my routine "just for one day" but then it’s another day and another day and pretty soon I have fallen off completely. And then I just don’t even think about it for a while. And then I do, but it takes a while before I get back on. First, there’s always a mandatory really long period where I wallow in my feeling discouraged about having fallen off. And then the period where I start getting more motivated, but it takes about 2-3 weeks of me looking at workout videos and reading all the comments, reading smoothie recipes, clicking on clickbait links to find out what 2 veggies will make my belly fat disappear, and just thinking about how I really need to improve my lifestyle choices. And then, one day, completely unexpectedly, I get up and say "I’m gonna go work out!" and I just do it! Today is that day for me. I just finished the workout!

    I actually love this workout. I’ve done it before. It’s always hard being back at square one. But this workout is very manageable. If you’re kinda out of shape, definitely expect to feel the burn the first week. My goal with this work out is 3 days per week in the morning before work. In the past, I’ve had trouble walking the first week after starting this workout – especially with stairs. I’m turning 40 this year and I’m going to go see my parents in Fiji! So hopefully that will be a motivating enough factor for me to keep on going! Doing this work out in the past has also really increased my energy levels and made my legs a lot stronger in a short period of time. Good luck everyone!

  21. Thank you so much! Easy movements someone like me can to without worrying if I’m gonna hurt myself. I have had a chronic illness for years and needed a easy movement workout

  22. Hi
    Am new here
    And am trying to lose at least 27kg
    I really don’t knw how long it will take
    And I have a kind of a tight schedule
    But am always sitting at a place and am looking for an exercise I that I can do at least three times weekly to lose weight

  23. Thank you perfect workout to start again, I was very fit now totally unfit due to depression. How many times can I do this daily and weekly to start?

  24. I recently broke my radius and tore 3 ligaments in my wrist. I don’t have use of my hand at all. (Wrist for support needed for planks.) Do you have other suggestions for modification of planks?

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