A Day in the Life of a Health Coach: Michael DeSanti

A Day in the Life of a Health Coach: Michael DeSanti

Institute for Integrative Nutrition graduate Michael DeSanti left his stressful corporate job to become a Health Coach after being inspired by his mother’s successful personal health transformation. He has not only built a thriving wellness center in Verona, New Jersey, but also coaches clients of all backgrounds to transform their health. Here’s what a typical day looks like for Michael.

► Chapters
0:00 Meet Health Coach, Michael DeSanti
0:29 A typical day for Michael
0:43 The amazing transformation of just one Hhealth Ccoach client
1:12 What it’s like coaching men
1:28 Why Michael became a Hhealth Ccoach

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  1. You studied at IIN and you are using nutribulet? It’s not a cold press so you lose all the anzymes but anyway great idea what you are doing

  2. my self and my lovely husband was able to eliminate our deadly virus hiv totally with the help of DR AJAKAJA on YouTube. may God continue to protect you. you can get in touch with him on his YouTube channel.

  3. Hi Michael, I live in Bergen County, I am a registered nurse and certified health coach as well. I stumbled upon your video and loved your mission and passion, as I have the same one. I am wondering if we can connect and have a conversation about how I can start a business like you did. I’d love an opportunity to talk about it and hear how you created your business. I hope to hear from you soon!
    Be well,
    Laurie aka Feliciannurse

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