A healthy diet, a healthier world

A healthy diet, a healthier world

Today there is a new nutrition reality. It is a reality where undernutrition (such as micronutrient deficiencies, stunting and wasting) , overweight, obesity and diet-related noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) like diabetes and cancer now coexist in the same countries, communities, households and even individuals. This is what is called the double burden of malnutrition which impacts not only our health but also that of future generations, the health of our planet and our economies.

This video is designed to help viewers better understand this double burden of malnutrition and its drivers. It aims to raise awareness and contribute to the global dialogue and much needed new narrative and action to achieve better health through nutrition.


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  4. You can never know what others are going through. Their struggles, their pain, their desires…..
    Kindly stop mocking, bullying, and stop imposing your ways on everyone.
    Kindly be kind to all.

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  6. this video is very right and we should make more exercise like i do in the morning im Fran from the american school foundation In 4B

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  8. Let me show this video to my mom she so healthy who’s mom is the same

  9. Supiri. Hoda video ekak digtama karanna jayeb jayama wewa chathugen deweni uduwa 😍

  10. Thank you for this just finished watching with my classroom and all enjoyed! thanks 🙂

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  14. Well planned plant-based or vegan diets are great for the environment, your health and the animals. If you live in a country where it’s possible, please think about reducing the consumption of animal products.
    Help poor countries break out of poverty and reduce your environmental impact to lessen the stress of anthropogenic climate change on those countries hit the hardest. Rich countries have to help poor countries cope with climate change and disease. Support the WHO and the IPCC. Spread science, not fake news.

  15. It is all about the immune system! If everyone lived a healthy lifestyle with plenty of exercise and proper nutrition including all the essential macro and micro nutrients all of which will build a robust and strong immunity, this virus would have just about a zero chance of becoming lethal. Pathogenic viruses like Covid have a way of accelerating chronic disease to the forefront and forcing an acute infectious disease into becoming a potentially deadly disease. Oddly nobody seems to fear chronic disease that creeps up gradually over a long period of time (even though it is by long odds the deadliest of disease) yet we are literally horrified out of out minds and wits of infectious disease. However and ironically if we take care of the underlying causation of chronic disease through health and nutrition, acute infectious disease will have nothing left to attack …It is all about the immune system.

  16. This epidemic will stop immediately only if the leaders of all countries lead all the people to transform the “cause” that destroys the earth into the “cause” that protects it. Wake up please, before it’s too late!

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