Ab Wheel- How to PROPERLY Use an Ab Wheel | MIND PUMP

Ab Wheel- How to PROPERLY Use an Ab Wheel | MIND PUMP

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In this episode, Sal, Justin and Adam with Mind Pump Media demonstrate how to properly use an ab wheel and the common mistakes people make when trying to use this fitness tool.

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  1. just buy an abs roller first time i tried it my back is hurting too much,
    and when i try this it’s much better. nice.

  2. Been doing ab wheel rollout for like 2 weeks now and just found out I have been doing it all wrong. I now know why I usually have lower back strain when doing rollout, thanks for the tip. 👍💪🏾💯❤️

  3. Wow, the difference. I couldn’t do one. And when I did it I felt all the work in my back and arms. I did 10 and I feel it on my core. Thank you for posting this. Now I’m more confident.

  4. *If it wasn’t for this video* , I would have put the roller up my ass. You work your hip flexors more like that. (which is why it is wrong)

  5. I made it primarily both a hip flexor and lats exercise.
    My glutes and lats were sore af after that.

  6. As a little kid, me and my brother would take these and run around the house like cars, now I must use them to lose this fat lol

  7. I’ve been doing this just fine but today I’m experiencing a bit of sharp pain when I take a deep breath on my left upper abdomen. I am blaming it on this.

  8. I use a skateboard and go from my toes rather than knees, extending forward but keeping my arms perpendicular (like a pushup-type position). I feel it in the abs bigtime after 10 reps, but I’ll try this way. Thanks

  9. I heard a crack in my shoulder joint yesterday. Very scary. Now I get it I was pulling with my hands too much. Thanks. I am fine now 🙂

  10. I been doing it wrong dang it.. no wonder my back hurt.. I been doing this for 2 weeks.. gonna start do it properly. thank you so much!

  11. Good video… I did ab rolls a week ago, tried again today, but MY ABS KILL ME! They hurt A LOT! Interesting that I do not feel any pain unless I start doing the rolls.
    I realize that I overtrained them or I may have hit the never-worked-before muscle fibers. Have you ever encountered a similar situation? Any suggestion?

  12. Great video! You taught me how to do this exercise correctly for the first time in my life, I’m 42 lol. Using your form, I actually used my abs instead of my lower back and arms

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