AMAZON FITNESS FAVORITES & MUST HAVES ⎮ affordable at home gym

AMAZON FITNESS FAVORITES & MUST HAVES ⎮ affordable at home gym

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Exercise Core Sliders

Waterproof Pedometer Smartwatch

Manual Treadmill

Scunci Basic Headwraps

Kamo Fitness High Waisted Soft Leggings 7/8

Pull Up Assistance Bands

FABRIC Resistance Bands

Rubber Resistance Bands

Neoprene Dumbbell

Yoga Mat

JBL Filp 4 Speaker


  1. You are beautiful and that BOOTY!! Just found your channel and wanted to say you are gorgeous and Merry Christmas.

  2. If you missed placed your Apple Watch if it still has charge you can go onto find my app and ping your watch the same as you can your phone. I lose my watch all the time and I always find it through the find my app xx 🥰

  3. Is it just me or do I love how darker skin women are always are so beautiful 😻 and their voice is so nice to hear

  4. i’m fairly new at working out so should i get the fabric bands or the elastic ones? i’ve noticed the last elastic ones i had use to roll up when i was using em but idk if that’s just cause they were cheap

  5. Oh my gosh…you are seriously the sweetest human. Great energy and love your tips <3 "get that body snatched " <3

  6. Very fit pop pro is very picky about the steps it counts.😭 I’m very interested in a compact treadmill. Do you know how much weight it holds?

  7. I lik the recommendations and you seem really sweet and knowledgeable but holy Hannah the editing is going to give me an aneurysm

  8. I did this with a gallon of milk and boy was it killer! But hey it’s weight right ❤️ I’ve seen such a big difference in my lower glutes ! I was so insecure about my lower body and thanks to you I’ve seen such a difference! I’ve been watching you for a little over a year and I lost 30 lbs in 3 months !! You don’t realize the impact you have on some of our lives mentally and physically ❤️ so thank you ! I’d love if you did a resistance band giveaway on here, I can’t afford them, I’m a young mommy of 3 and had all my babies super young, all my money goes to bills and my babies ❤️ and I’d like to challenge myself more with bands 😭

  9. “We’re gonna be here for another month let’s be honest” oh boy, how I wish that was true…

  10. I’m new here, and girl I’m addicted to your personality! I will be going home and getting EVERYTHING! And I’m in nursing school and working full time so imma be getting that treadmill for my kitchen and will study and ur high table while walking!

  11. Just came across your YouTube channel…Love your personality…Thank you for sharing those health and exercise home equipment.

  12. @10:51 CAP Dumbbells are great. I own the 8 Pound ones as my Medium to Heavy weights, depending on which workout DVD I am doing.

  13. this is the first video I watched from you and it’s a breathe fo fresh air, I love that you explained right away and are so beautiful as well!

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