Apple Watch Series 7 Sports & Fitness Review

Apple Watch Series 7 Sports & Fitness Review

Here’s your complete Apple Watch Series 7 sports & fitness-focused deep-dive, complete with real-world testing and data from running outdoors and indoor cycling. Including both optical heart rate and GPS accuracy comparisons against the Apple Watch SE, as well as the Garmin Forerunner 745, and Polar H10 chest strap, as well as the Whoop 3.0 band. I’ll first explain the new Apple Watch Series 7 hardware, then the WatchOS 8 sports-specific new features, followed by run and ride testing. After which I’ll look at the GPS data & heart rate data to see how it compares accuracy-wise.

0:00 Quick Overview
0:41 New Series 7 Hardware Changes
2:40 WatchOS 8 Sports Features
5:05 Run Testing
6:29 Indoor Bike Testing
7:06 GPS & Heart Rate Data Accuracy
10:19 Sports & Fitness Considerations
11:54 Wrap-up

Full list of technical changes to the Series 7 vs the Series 6 and previous units:

– Expanded the display: The Series 7 has the largest display to date, some 20% larger than the Series 6, or 50% more screen area than the Series 3. This means the base model went from 40mm to 41mm, and the larger unit went from 44mm to 45mm.
– Reduced the bezel: Apple says the bezel (or borders, as they called them) are down to 1.7mm, or 40% thinner than the Series 6, the actual watch dimensions though remain nearly identical to before.
– Increased the brightness: Apple says it’s 70% brighter than before indoors, and called out specific scenarios such as glancing at your wrist without moving it to check the time.
– Increased durability: Apple says it’s the most durable Apple Watch to date, including a new crack-resistant front crystal that Apple says is 50% thicker than previous models – which they demonstrated twice using a mountain biker crashing directly onto the wrist/watch
– Added IP6X Dust Resistance: In the event you find yourself on the wrong end of a playground sandbox fight. It still has WR50 water resistance
– Larger user interface buttons: While the external buttons haven’t changed any, the buttons used within the menus have been increased to take advantage of the larger display. Apple noted areas such as the stopwatch, alarms, and activity menu as examples of this.
– More text on the screen: The larger screen means that in text messages, Series 7 can fit up to 50% more text than before
– New full keyboard: With the larger screen Apple has crammed in a full keyboard onto the display, including both tapping letter to letter as well as swiping between letters.
– New Watch Faces: Apple has included a few new watch faces, including one that’s larger and more data-driven for activity/fitness tracking
– Battery life remains 18 hours: Yup, still.
– New charger design: The new charging design results in 33% faster charging than Series 6
– Fast Charging: The new charging design can go from 0% to 80% in 45 minutes, or 8 hours of sleep tracking in 8 minutes. As one who has oft battled with late-night right before sleep charging, 8 minutes for 8 hours is a brilliant way of phrasing it.
– Charger comes with USB-C cable: As opposed to the previous USB-A charging cable.

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  1. Mine keeps pausing my workouts at will. Weather it’s a outdoor walk are a weight training session in the gym. Sometimes it records only 1 minute and pause it….. other times 5min etc

  2. Hahah the bit of the video where you talk about gps and show the track on the map, I was like: oh thats funny, they do have a Ronald Mcdonald house in the US. And then i was like…. Oh wait , this is NL 🤣 i couldn’t hear anything in your talking !

  3. Ray (and anyone else l) can you comment on level of scratch resistance of screen compared to S6? I’ve heard reports of significant scratching w normal use on edges of screen due to lack of bezels? Trying to figure out if this is overly dramatic hyperbole or if S7 is good to go

  4. Was the Apple Watch Series 7 you use have cellular or not?

    I’m think of getting an apple watch and I am not sure if I need the Cellular option.

  5. What are you using when you are trying to keep your fitness data in one place when use all these different devices?

  6. Hi DC Rainmaker. I need some advice. I have an Ipad, Iphone, Macbook but I use a Garmin fenix 6 as a my daily watch and of course for cycling ( indoors with Zwift with garmin sensors and while mountainbiking). Do you think that buying an Apple watch 7 would benefit for daily use (apple ecosystem) while still using my garmin for sports? Any suggestions are welcome!

  7. Will never come back to Apple Watch until the battery life is addressed. Why apple haven’t done a smaller fitness band is beyond me, they would clean up

  8. Can you please send me the address and then we can talk more about this in person. Let me know if you can send it to me

  9. Thanks !
    Ray, how do you get your outdoor run heart rate graph show up in the work out as in the cover of this video? Thanks !

  10. I just got the series 7 a week ago. The workout tracking and sleep tracking has been great so far. I’m a fairly casual gym goer, about an hour of working out a day every weekday, and for that use, it’s fantastic.

  11. What are your thoughts about the cellular vs Wi-Fi only model? As a runner, the cellular seems like a nice luxury.

  12. Do you have any idea why my iphone 11 plus strava comes out 3 miles less than my friend on the same 18 mile bike rides together. It is always less seems to not track corners or trail as well on map.

  13. I wish you showed the series 7 display in direct sunlight… can you see it vs how a Garmin looks in the sun (which is excellent)?

  14. Considering Galaxy Watch 4 is included body composition measurements do you think the 7 is worth buying? I’m not sure how fast Apple will pivot to include that type of feature.

  15. I am surprised by how much off the GPS on the Apple Watch Series 7 is. I recognized the same with my Apple Watch. For that reason I have switched to the Forerunner 945 from Garmin and the GPS is way more accurate!

  16. Google is coming for Apple at everything all of a sudden…and for obvious reasons as Apple really has at best moved incrementally forward for some time now and by going back to ports for the iMac straight up gone backwards.

    "Not why people buy Apple Products at the premium price" would be an understatement.

    Microsoft is suddenly back in a huge way and looking to take the title of "most valuable Company from Apple" using their .net "proprietary internet" Platform.

    Tesla remains the wildcard in this crazy game at the moment with none of the tech World showing any interest in the slightest for Healthcare USA.

    Long Abbot Labs strong buy.

    Be interesting if Apple got into the fitness business beyond the iWatch tho…especially given Apple TV.

    Posting up against "The Facebook Nightmare" would be nice as well.

    Just nothing at all mind-blowing for Apple 2021 which is especially bad given what Tesla has done.

    Long $f Ford Motor Company strong buy.

  17. How is apple watch for hiking? I lose connection with my iPhone all the time and I’m wondering if there’s any difference with the watch? Also, I was assuming I would have to download the AllTrails app and/or download maps to the watch? I need the map as I tend to get lost.

  18. Hi Ray, in this video the AW SE seems to be more spot on GPS wise compared to your SE in depth video from last year. However, I still experience issues with the GPS since the SE would go Mario karting on my weekly 5k parkrun and undercuts the distance by 10% which makes it impossible to record a 5k PR… However, is there a solution how I can get a more accuracy out of the SE? I use to take the phone with me on runs – I was wondering if disconnecting the watch from the phone while running or using any 3rd party app for tracking would improve the situation? Thanks and cheers!

  19. picked up a series 7 last week. Have been a delta solar user for the last year (Love my garmin eco system..) I’m trying to piece together a good app collection to make the AW seem all inclusive like the garmin. Im not really worried about charging it everyday as it is what it is and i have to means to do it. Any app recs? thanks!

  20. Great video! I first learned about you while looking for my first running specific watch and ended up buying a Garmin Forerunner 235 when it first came out because of reading your article online. To this day, I’m still rocking the 235 for both my runs and my day-to-day activities. It still does what I need it to do. Just came on here to say I didn’t realize you’ve expanded to YouTube so good on you and thanks for this video. When I decide to look for another wearable, your channel will definitely be the first place I look for reviews. Needless to say, new subbie here.

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