Beginner Cycle Bike Workout

Beginner Cycle Bike Workout

Beginner Cycle Bike Workout

New to cycling? Go back to the basics with this beginner cycle bike workout. Follow along with Sunny Trainer Sydney as she introduces you to different cadences, resistance levels, and positions to prepare you for many more rides to come.

Warmup – at varying cadence, goal get used to positioning and pace
1 min 30 sec 60 RPM – starting with medium resistance
30 sec 70 RPM – light increase resistance (1 turn or so)
1 min 60 RPM
30 sec 85 RPM
1 min 60 RPM – increase resistance (1 or 2 more turns)
30 sec 85 RPM
1 min 60 RPM
30 sec 85 RPM

Climbs – medium/heavy resistance, goal 60-70 RPM
30 sec Climb
1 min Rest
Repeat 3 times

Sprints/giph – medium resistance, goal 100-110 RPM
30 sec Sprint
1 min Rest
Repeat 3 times

Climb Pyramid – medium/heavy resistance, goal 80 RPM
15 sec Seated
30 sec Climb
45 sec Seated
45 sec Climb
30 sec Seated
15 sec Climb

2 min


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  1. Fantastic…… Just done this to get back into the swing after the Xmas indulgence… Just what I needed 🙂 Happy New Year from Belfast, (Northern) Ireland 🇮🇪

  2. I’m a beginner and this was perfect. I will definitely take this class until I get my cadence up. Thank you Sunny for providing this for us (who miss and can’t get to the gym, but has to drop this COVID weight). Instructions were great. My legs are wondering what is happening…🤣🤣🤣!! Have a wonderful day!

  3. What should the heart rate be at various intervals of this training. This might be described as a % of maximum rate given that we’re all of different ages, heights and weights.

  4. Hello, I really liked this workout- thank you . Should I mix this with other workouts (non bike) throughout the week for a consistent weekly work out routine ? Thanks and sorry if you already answered this question.

  5. Quick question, i just got my bike the other day. The bike seat is very uncomfortable to sit on. Like it’s hurting. Anything you can suggest to help with this. I don’t know if other users had the same problem.

  6. For a beginner how often should I do this work out per week and thank you for the video happy new year to you🤙🏾

  7. Ma’am I’ve a doubt. I got a spin cycle so should I do this exercise everyday or should I skip days for other exercises? I mean is spin cycle enough for me to get into a shape?

  8. This!! I did this workout and burned 230 calories in just 20 minutes! I could work out for an hour only and burn almost 700 calories!!! Thank you SO much!!

  9. What does this workout do to your body does it firm your legs & your butt,waist or your belly or what exactly does it do?

  10. Love this. No cheerleading wooop wooop. Really great workout for beginners but a good one to drop in mid training too. 👏🏼👏🏼👍🏼

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