Best Health & Wellness Coaching Certification for Me??

Best Health & Wellness Coaching Certification for Me??

What is the best health coaching or wellness coaching certification? How do you choose the best coach certification from among all the options? Is there a way to know which health coach or wellness coach certification is best for me? Does the NBHWC (or NBC-HWC) matter? Is there a way to figure out which health and wellness coach certification is best for me without having to watch an ad?? What is a health coach certification anyway? Is there a difference between a health coach certification and a wellness coach certification?

Choosing the right coaching certification to become a health coach, wellness coach or life coach isn’t easy. There are so many options and making the right choice (for you!) is critical to your career. In this brief video, Dr. Bradford Cooper walks through 4 of the key things to consider when making your choice. If you’re considering options, you definitely will want to view this video first!

Many people make a decision based on an advertisement or an “influencer’s” (paid) recommendation. However, this is a big decision that will influence the success of your career. You have so many health coach certifications (or wellness coach certifications, depending on details) but there is one best for you. This video ISN’T an ad for any one program – it’s intended to help you consider which one is best for you based on your unique educational preferences, career aspirations, background and budget.

You can access the interview with the Executive Director of the NBHWC here:

If you’d like to learn more about what makes the Catalyst Coaching Institute unique, learn a little about the founders and garner answers to the most common FAQs, you can access that video here: or additional insights here: OR reach out to us anytime

Additional coaching resources available here:


  1. Yours is the first video on this subject that I’ve seen that actually states there are board regulated certifications out there! Everyone else says it’s completely unregulated and you just need to pick a program that fits you and that a certification is only never if you think it’s necessary.

  2. I was sooooo excited to watch this video!

    But !!!!!!!
    The background music was so annoying that I could barely hear you .

    I eventually MUTTED strived to move on.

    Come on now, fix this ludrixous mistake so that we can actually view the content that has been created.

    Thanks for your efforts & may you have a phenomenal 2021 !

  3. Thanks for the emails w/ the direct feedback. Glad to see this has been helpful. Big decision with many good options in terms of programs but choosing the right one for you specifically can be difficult.

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