Best Way To Track Workouts? Should You Keep A Fitness Journal..

Best Way To Track Workouts? Should You Keep A Fitness Journal..

What’s the best way to track your workouts?

I’ve always had success in making things as simple as possible. Yes, there are a ton of great fitness apps out there that have every possible bell and whistle on them and can even remind you when to eat your meals but…

If it’s complex then there is a learning curve that most people will not tackle. So in this video I show you exactly what I use and why!


  1. Whatโ€™s different about your thought process now versus when you filmed this, and what is the biggest change youโ€™ve made in the last year for the results you have gotten personally?

  2. Best app I ever used is – Daily Strenght "Gym Workout Tracker & Planner for Weight Lifting" super long name I know, but it’s amazing. It’s on Andriod.

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  4. I downloaded a Microsoft Excel spread sheet onto my phone and it was great for awhile but then I got sick of it….LOL, then I went back to using a notebook and got tired of dragging a notebook and a pen all around the gym with me….(along with my phone and a bottle of water). Siiigghhh, so I stopped and just go in and work out but now I am starting to kind of be all over the place with my workouts. And I need to change my workout too. Help?

  5. I’ve been using FitNotes – super simple, free app. Easy to scroll through previous workouts, and everything you need.

  6. Awesome knowledge, appreciate it so much also can you make a video about Vegan Bodybuilding and your thoughts about the subject.. Thanks.

  7. Same thing with my food tracking! I do it all in the notes app, super simple and effective and is way easier than any of the apps.

  8. For me putting it on paper was a relaxing ritual if somewhat frustrating due to sometimes shaky hands. (as contradictory as that sounds) Was a great way to close my workout and hit my day. I’d shower and while I’m still in a towel write down everything I did. It really helps keep me motivated to do everything right since at the end of the workout when I’m writing it down, I get a boost of confidence knowing I did it right it feels like meditating.

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