BHF Live & Ticking December 2020 – Diet & Recipes

BHF Live & Ticking December 2020 – Diet & Recipes

The sixth in a series of monthly online events showcasing the work of the British Heart Foundation, this time focusing on BHF-funded research and initiatives into diet and nutrition.

• Dr Charmaine Griffiths – BHF Chief Executive gives an overview of some of the organisation’s fundraising highlights and activities, and how you can get involved.

• Dr Alexandra Milson – BHF Director of Research Relations encapsulates BHF-funded research into diet and nutrition, including shaping the position on dietary guidelines and our influencing towards the obesity health alliance and the 9pm watershed on junk food.

• Victoria Taylor – BHF Nutrition Lead summarises the BHF’s dietary advice relating to cardiovascular health and debunks myths surrounding eggs, coffee, wine, and chocolate.

All information in this video was correct at time of recording.

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