Billy Blanks Fit Sculpt (GET READY!)

Billy Blanks Fit Sculpt (GET READY!)

Get ready for the original Get Celebrity Fit workout! Brought to you by me, the official Tae Bo® creator. I love sharing these workouts with the world so I truly hope you enjoy them and that they help you change your life. Be sure to catch me out on my show @CelebritySweat !!

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  1. Dear Mr. Blanks,

    I have cut back on calories I have done your workout as I often have I have used weights I have stopped sugar junk food everything all these efforts I have made since July 24 and exercising every single day since aug31 and now my shape is getting fatter and Im full of needle marks all over my body and rolls of fat are forming under my arms and everything. I believe in your workout it always works and and now I’m gaining fat everywhere and it’s not normal.

  2. Mr. Banks, I hope you’ll have a chance to read this. I just want to say Thank you for sharing your workouts and ALWAYS pumping us from beginning to end. I first started your workouts when I was in highschool, now I am 34years old. It had helped me lose weight and gave me more energy to do more. I then gradually went into the gym and started using weights. Then recently, I recovered from covid. I noticed my strength isn’t the same anymore, no matter how hard I pushed. I gained weight, went back to home workouts. And I apologize, I forgot about you. Their was a lot of new workout videos from others, that I got sucked in. I couldnt finish their workout, even though I tried. It just wasn’t as motivating. I wasted so much money purchasing workout apps, that it just wasn’t fun or motivating, they didn’t connect with the audience, it was mainly a follow along video. Then today, you popped in my head; hoping their would be Billy Banks on youtube. And there you are! NO ONE can beat you! 45min is a long workout, but the connection you give and enthusiam made me keep going! You have people of all age working out in this video, SMILING, and giving it 110%!! So it made me keep going. Thank you so very much for sharing your ability, especially for free❤❤

  3. I’ve already looked for a thousand training sessions to do on the internet, this was the best, God help me put it into practice, the first day today, with music I think it will work at this pace.

  4. Él es el mejor, buen entrenador, exigente, y un gran ser humano, donde estés, que el cielo y cosmos te bendigan por siempre¡¡

  5. Hace más de diez años compre unos CD S de Billy y os digo que en 2021 sigue siendo lo mejor ,Billy forever the number one 💪💯👍😘🎁🎊🎉✨🎉🙏☀️🌙

  6. So many years after this all got started and at 50 I’m doing this workout once more!!! He can really get you sweating! GREAT WORKOUT!!! Thank you Billy!

  7. Ilário né, um negro dando aula pra um monte de loiro ☺️. Só têm loiro gente. E o professor manda muuuuito 😍

  8. Billy siempre estaré agradecida de encontrarte y tenerte en mi vida, ya hace más de 10 años contigo.

  9. Just found you Billy ,you rolled over something else i was watching. 10 mins in i found myself getting down and i hadnt even looked at the screen yet to see who it was as i was half way across the room…Just kept pulling me back in so had a boogie and watched some…Im in like flin tomorrow morning ….Thank all of you , this is gonna be FUN!!

  10. Good evening Billy sincerly i would like you for the work you do.I spend whole days imitating your steps and gestures.But can i have the name of sound of the fitness class if possible thank you

  11. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰makes me smile up to the last seconds,,, thanks I found you Mr Billy and all the Girls 👧

  12. I have your DVD’s and I try to watch all your YouTube videos to work out as much as I can at home! Thank you! Been a fan of you for 15 years now!!!! You are amazing!!!

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