Calories in Popular Beers, Wine and Spirits

Calories in Popular Beers, Wine and Spirits

In this video I run you through the calorie content of popular alcoholic drinks like vodka, tequila, red wine and beers. To help you remember each value i’ve paired it with a snack or treat with a similar calorie content.

The calorie content is largely based on the ABV % and a stronger beer or wine will have more alcohol in it and therefore more calories.

Calories in Fosters Pint: 193
Calories in Grolsch Pint: 215
Calories in Amstel Pint: 227
Calories in Kronenbourg Pint: 244
Calories in Guinness Pint: 210

Calories in Heineken Bottle: 139
Calories in Peroni Bottle: 142
Calories in Stella Artois Bottle: 115 (smaller bottle)
Calories in Corona Bottle: 148
Calories in San Miguel Bottle: 140

Calories in Vodka Shot: 64
Calories in Tequila Shot: 69
Calories in Rum Shot: 64
Calories in Gin Shot: 73

Calories in White Wine 175ml Glass: 141
Calories in Red Wine 175ml Glass: 148
Calories in Rose Wine 175ml Glass: 138

Calories in White Wine Bottle: 605
Calories in Red Wine Bottle: 625
Calories in Rose Wine Bottle: 590

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  1. A lot more than you’d think and to make it worse your body priorities them over fat and glycogen :O

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