1. Dr. Jeff, Solid video, but please make sure you cough away from the microphone. I use headphones so i have no choice but to raise the volume.

  2. I see you skipped the slides Introduction and Definition, are there anything important on those slides or not really? I’ve been writing my notes based on these slides and when it skipped over to Guidelines, I got a little worried I would miss something.

  3. thanks for the videos, but ive noticed your pointing out overactive muscles as long and short muscles as underactive when short muscles are overactive and need to be stretched and underactive muscles need to be strengthened…

  4. You have to do the video without the coughing….it was killing me with my headphones and obviously being congested… otherwise, good content.

  5. is this what you’ll get when purchase NASM cpt? is the lesson same for all years? if yes, should i still purchase the program? or just learn from this video and take the exam?

  6. I’ve been putting my classes off for so long. You have no idea how much this helps. You my friend are a God-send. Thank you so much

  7. I agree please calm down on the coughing for other vids also towards the end I wish u went into detail a lil more

  8. There’s a special place in heaven for you, my good man. You’re the only one on YouTube doing this. I feel like I’m sitting in a classroom. & you did this for 16 chapters? Bless you, sir 😭

  9. I don’t care about the coughing I’m just glad this guy took the time to upload this. As a dyslexic reading the pdf makes me go cross eyed real quick. Thanks man.

  10. Good day Dr Jeff Williams! At 44:00 you talk about Pronation Distortion Syndrome whereby it starts from the feet being flattened and etc

    My question is:
    1. What happen if someone is naturally having a flat feet/knee being external rotated (O Shaped Leg by nature), do the tight muscle and weak muscle groups mentioned still apply on the person.

    2. Someone with natural Flat feet, will he or she overcome it by doing correct stretching and muscle strengthening exercise?


  11. Yall are so ungrateful. He is helping and yall are complaining. You should be happy he took the time out to do this. If you dont like it you dont have to listen.

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