Cholofit Workout – Funny Drop

Cholofit Workout – Funny Drop

Creeper teaches a three part wellness class including exercise, spirituality, and diet.

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Writers: Frankie Quinones, Kevin Camia
Cast: Frankie Quinones, Christina Catherine Martinez, Sean Keane
Producer: Frankie Quinones, Kevin Camia
Director: Robb Boardman, Frankie Quinones, Kevin Camia


  1. If we desire a place in heaven, we.must be willing to be transformed into the image of Christ, and all for His Glory. The King of kings and Lord of lords is returning very soon for His people who are found ready, and for the children of the world. They will not suffer during the Great Tribulation. Those left behind after the rapture will have to die for their faith. They will suffer for the name of Jesus Christ, I don’t want anyone to suffer, come to Jesus Christ before the rapture. The Lord looks nothing like the famous pictures. If you seek Him you will find Him. I’ve seen Jesus Christ. God is faithful to His promises. And please avoid the Covid-19 vaccine. This is not an option. Those who recieve the vaccine will be seperated from God for all eternity. They have submitted themselves to the Beast system. They have no more hope for salvation. I find no pleasure in the death of sinners. It’s not God’s will that anyone perish, but all repent to receive eternal life. I want to see many if you transformed into the image of Christ, and for His Glory. This is the end. Everything written in the book of revelation will be fulfilled.

  2. Lmao Hahahaha 🤣🤣🤣 don’t tell me that in public or they will think we R ramming Haha …… and all the homies wit the tamales laced wit mota 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. wow frankie this is Junks from Bonnie. Damn bro I cant believe my homie showed me this vid and it was you!

  4. Where has cholofit been all my life? Just saw this video, I laughed so freakin I almost chocked to death, this guy made my day!!!

  5. After doing cholofit for 3 weeks i can finally say……

    Jeffrey epstein didn’t kill himself eh…

  6. Awesome video, is this like Karate Kid Juan(David Lopez)parte dos, kinda reminds me of MMA(Mexican Martial Arts)(Grandmaster Jessy)

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