1. Kind of like ordering a Diet Coke with your Big Mac meal? What started out as a pure recipe has been corrupted with what suits American tastes lol. When they say hummus eaters are more healthy, this doesn’t imply that hummus is healthy but that hummus consumers probably have an overall healthier lifestyle and are picky about what kind of hummus they choose.

  2. *instantly checked the sodium of my Hummus*
    ~Cedar’s Artichoke and Spinach is my favorite at just 104mg per 2tbsp (4%dv) of sodium.
    Although, using Bacon Ritz crackers instead of Pita bread isn’t doing justice. Lol. For Pita users, choose wheat. It’s better for you than bleached dough garbage.

  3. Make it yourself. If you going to complain about salt…. It’s in every dip thats in our grocery stores. So make it yourself and the calories you get from this dip Is good calories 166 calories is not bad for you if your not sitting around doing nothing and also for use that only eat meat here and there or not at all this stuff is very good and very important for our protein among other things but this is high up there. And for energy for the day. This stuff is good for spreading on every thing and everything. Adam Sandler may have joked about this In you don’t mess with the zohan he put it in everything I don’t know about drinks for me but muffins bagels toast almost all breads. Corn chips yellow or blue ECT. Heck even cheese its. a top a Salads triscuits. Not to rant but the real key is that to much of anything is a bad thing so eat more hummus just don’t go all Völlerei ( gluttony) on something good for you.

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