Hello friends, my name is Christine, and welcome to Frugal Fit Mom! This is a meal plan I am putting together for a family member who has diabetes. To give accurate information, I consulted with my mom who is a dietician and diabetes specialist. She has over 40 years of experience and I hope you enjoy her being on the channel today.

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Keto Bagels – https://www.wholesomeyum.com/recipes/low-carb-bagels-with-almond-flour-keto-gluten-free-5-ingredients/
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00:00 Intro
1:06 Dietician Interview
3:54 Meal Plan
9:23 Chat with me
10:33 More Dietician talk

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  1. This is so cool! I am currently pursuing a food and nutrition degree to become a Registered Dietitian!

  2. NO, the tacos never run out!

    On a side note: be careful how much of the sugar free chocolate chips you eat because they can do wild and wacky things to your digestive track🤣

  3. Cookie recipe. Gluten, sugar, dairy, and egg-free. I had to make these because a friend had a daughter who couldn’t eat any of those. She was 13 and just always disappointed at parties, especially around the holidays. So, I whipped up something crazy to prove it could be done. I bought an egg replacer in a box but you can really just sub tapioca flour. It’s a one-two ratio for these cookies. First, gluten-free flour (I had to use rice flour because she couldn’t have wheat at all, but any GF flour will work. Wheat will make them thicker and chewier, rice will be thinner and more brittle.) A non-dairy butter (I used Earth Balance). Because of the high sodium in this, you don’t need any salt or baking soda. Monkfruit sweetener (this is non-glycemic and tastes pretty much identical to sugar. It comes in golden and white but they taste the same.) Finally, I tried half with almond milk and half with soy milk. The almond milk had better consistency but if there are nut allergies involved, you can obviously use soy. Obviously, check the label and some are not ‘pure’ and that can be a disaster! I also added just a little water because it is extremely crumbly when using rice flour (this changed with GF wheat flour). Finally, I made a party batch so the amounts were enormous and I’ll omit that here. Any standard sugar cookie recipe amounts will work, with the exception of the egg replacer (as stated, you need two for every one egg. In this case, I believe it was one TPS of powder per egg mixed in water.) Bake for half the recommended cooking time and test, as they are quite thin (even for GF wheat) and will burn easily. For the RF version, I baked for just five minutes at a standard cookie size at 350, but ovens vary, so please just check them.

  4. i hope my son gets people in his life (when he is older and not with me 24/7) that cares about how he has to eat

  5. If you make your dinner as meal prep and keep 4 on hand then make them keto. Then make crustless frittata or quiche for breakfast you could have a fourth of it. I think a cold lunch like salad or have some carb for lunch like sandwhich and bananas. Snacks are 200 cal and a protein like hard boiled eggs or protein shake. Make it easy

  6. I’m not diabetic yet, but to avoid type 2 diabetes and lose some weight I’ve been cutting out sugar and i dropped 9 pounds from 300 pounds.

  7. WTH 15g carbs per serving ??????? Well u can tell YOU ARE NOT A DIABETIC, the idea is to have LESS carbs NOT 45 plus a day. I love these video’s and advice in general from NON diabetics to diabetics. So sad

  8. In the south we call that dessert chocolate delight. With a Graham or pecan shortbread crust with chocolate pudding, cream cheese and whip cream and pecans on top

    It’s so good

  9. Do you have a video about the pros and cons living in idaho? We are researching States to move to.

  10. I used to think having Diabetes disease was the end of life for me but all that change when I came across Dr IGUDIA on YouTube who gave me his natural herbs medication which I used in curing my type 2 Diabetes .

  11. Please don’t let people give you grief about portion size. Your family members are healthy weights and you have an active family. I cook for myself only and I realize my portions are very large. Also you encourage people to eat fruit if they are still hungry.

  12. Well…we could not get any diabetes education except on my own and it’s woefully deficient. Classes/meetings with an educator were not at times we could go. My husband is diabetic. He doesn’t do anything to mitigate his blood sugar other than take his meds. I am very frustrated.

  13. You do NOT need carbohydrates. I am doing keto with no carbs for epilepsy. If you feel unsatiated without carbs, it is because your metabolic pathways are burning glucose for energy instead of ketones. It is a faster burning fuel and you need to eat more. The dietitian in this video is giving standardized advice that the major regulatory agencies put out. Can’t blame her, it was what she was taught.

  14. I will never understand how this information is good for diabetics. The idea for a diabetic should be to keep from having sugar spikes how do you do that when eating so many allowable carbs??? When I was in hospital my numbers were way out of control on their "diet" from the things they encourage you to eat 🤦‍♀️😬

  15. I’m sorry but some advice from so-called dietitians is bad advice for diabetics. Just like the “continuous carb” diet that the hospital gave me when I spent over a week there. They had my sugar levels through the roof to nearly 400 points. Since then I have gone keto and maintain my levels at around 100 on average. Sorry but I cannot have carbs. On October 21st I weighed 294 pounds today being Christmas Day and I am under 260 pounds. Eating carbs hasn’t done this for me. Sorry no carbs for me.

  16. I was able to be taken off diabetic pills in one year to the date when I was diagnosed by controlling my food intake and what I eat.

  17. I have diabetes type 2. Dr said because I can’t control it with meds (we are trying) I need to go super low carb. It takes the joy out of cooking and eating. Very unsatisfying.

  18. Our fav diabetic desert is pineapple angel food cake
    1 angel food cake
    1 box surgarfree vanilla instant pudding
    1 can crushed pineapple
    1 tub sugarfee whip cream

    In a bowl mix pudding and pineapple with juice then fold in cool whip
    Cut cake in half frost in between layers then put top on and frost rest of cake. Cover and refrigerate for about 2 hrs. Enjoy

  19. Everything was good, but corn will spike sugar numbers. We do a low carb, low glycemic index meal. I was happy to see no potatoes or rice in your meal planning. I just got out of the hospital a week ago. Their dietician needs to be fired. Every meal was high carb, high glycemic index foods. It didn’t help my being on steroids. Needless to say, I’m back to healthier meals.

  20. I’d love to see more family meal planning videos that are lower carb for us diabetics! This is amazing. 😍

  21. With gratitude in my heart I wanna say a very big thank you to Dr Igudia on YouTube for helping me eradicate my Type two diabetes with his herbs medication.

  22. Thank you for this I’ve been wanting to meal prep for my mom and this has come in handy 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  23. So I have seen dozens of dietitians and not a single one has told me how much carbs I should eat. Last one told me to eat oats for breakfast. Skip lunch and have my second meal twelve hours after breakfast. Lady was a idiot. I’m greatly enjoying this video. Ty.

  24. So it maybe a little late but I like the keto pb bites and I deep them in dark cholate for a quick pick me up and sweet treat and I’m a diabetic but I do know some people get effected by other food so my husband and I are both diabetics but when he eats pineapple he if fine I can eat a few chunks and my sugar will go sky high he can eat pizza and be fine I eat a slice and I hit a spike but he cant eat grapes and pasta his sugar spikes but if I eat they dont effect me.

  25. Yeah,finally someone who really cares about diabetic, it is about time .Thank you and god bless.🍁😇😇😇😇😇😇

  26. Way too many carbs!! I greatful I know better!!!45 to 60 carbs per meal way too much!!!! Per day !! Not per meal!!!

  27. I’m a type 2 diabetic and on 3 insulin’s and 2 diabetic pills. Not to mention cholesterol meds and depression meds and so forth. You have truly started inspiring me to move more. I know I sooooo need to move. It’s obvious I’m morbidly obese as well. I know I haven’t got a choice. Hearing you talk about the 65 year olds and that you and Dave want to be able to move with the grands when that time comes is how I feel as well. I work with seniors at our church and I love this senior ministry so much. I need and want to do this for me first of all and to grow older with my hubby of 32 years. I want to do all with grands when they come. We have 2 grown boys and are empty nesters now. I want to take the seniors to so many places and have the energy to help them as well. Thank you for inspiring so many of us to move and take better care of ourselves. Thank you for being real and raw and so open. Love all your videos.

  28. Your so wholesome and genuine. I really like your attitude and the way you help your family. Thanks so much for making videos.

  29. I wish I could get my dad on board with keto and all the low carb options but he is soooooooo picky and I’m so sick and tired of getting in to arguments. He has had diabetes since I was a small child (I’m 25). He is also an amputee. I have given up changing him at this point. So happy, Christine, that your father in law is taking his diabetes seriously. It’s no joke.

  30. My diabetes disease was eliminated with the help of dr adule powerful natural herbal remedies nothing like natural you can get in touch with him on YouTube..

  31. Diabetes can be cured permanently by Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery.
    There’s new research that finds that Diabetes is a Curable Disease.
    Sleep well, it’s above everything guys 😍💤💤💤

  32. I will forever be grateful to Dr Igudia on YouTube who cured me and my partner from type 2 diabetes with his herbal medicine

  33. I’ve found that I can eat low carb/ high fat and lose weight and high carb/low fat and lose weight but it’s one or the other

  34. I only trust and recommend Dr Igudia on YouTube for Diabetes disease cure because I have used his herbs medication and it works.

  35. I’m still watching the videos from Vlogust trying to catch up. So I say that to say this I have been doing so much binge watching that I told my husband last week that I was falling behind on my YouTube shows. 😆🤦‍♀️😆 Because you know this isn’t someone’s life or anything.

  36. I started taking the medication bought from Dr Igho YouTube channel and surprisingly it was working Gradually and in 9days everything Changed. I am really Excited that you helped me Cure my Disease Naturally & I pray that God bless you Dr Igho for the Good work

  37. I have to disagree with the amount of carbs per meal. I’ve gotten 2 family members of all meds by sticking to 65 carbs per day. And they were satisfied and not bored.

  38. Awesome video. I was just diagnosed with diabetes last week and this really made it easy to see how to put my doctor’s recommendations into practice. Love your channel!

  39. So helpful, would honestly like more ! You’re so down to earth, relatable and easy to follow/ understand. Our 9 yo grand daughter was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes so i am gobbling up as much information, tips i can. This is going to be our FAMILIES way of meal planning…. And brutal honesty this is a LOT for anyone, especially young kiddos. Lots of blood sugar checks and insulin shots all day.

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