Diet Soda vs Regular Soda | Which is Better For You?

Diet Soda vs Regular Soda | Which is Better For You?

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Diet soda has been recommended to combat our issues with regular soda and sugar. However, in recent reports, it seems that diet soda might not be the appropriate alternative to sugar as we once thought. Specifically artificial sweeteners, what exactly might be wrong with them? And is it worse than regular soda? Let’s find out!

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  1. I dont even drink soda but i dont want to eat candy either too much calories so i,m just going to eat bag of rye chips they are pretty good tasting

  2. I was discussing salivary/gastric/pancreatic juice production with my professor, and he said there is a different way of stimulating it, includes visual, mechanical and others, thats why we salivate when we see food, but interestingly enough, he didn’t mention any hormonal production like insulin.

  3. answer: do not drink either. just stick to water and get yo glucose from fruits or other natural food sources

  4. Thank you so much!!! This was always a huge question for me. Now my life will change forever.

  5. I hope they will be able to make a diet pizza or diet hamburger so i can finally be happy and skinny at the same time

  6. artificial sugar isnt metabolized and goes straight thru your urine. real soda has syrup and very thick amounts of sugar that ruin your cholesterol stop drinking real soda tf is the point

  7. Easier solution: Just don’t drink either…Drink water. I’ve been pop free for 10 years and I don’t miss it at all.

  8. If u wanna quit its all abt mindset
    Do you care that your fat your overweight or that you are literally ruining your body slowly. If you do care then you would easily drop it and occasionally drink soda on a cheat meal maybe once every few weeks or once a month. I personally don’t drink soda at all because I look at it as if I’m stabbing myself in the stomach. Would a sane person ever stab them self, no so I don’t drink coke or pepsi or whatever.

    The stabbing example is just what works for me though. Regardless I hope you learned something from this comment

  9. Coming up on two months without soda. Just made a decision and quit, cold turkey. Hasn’t proven as hard as I thought it would be.

  10. Regular soda is better for me. Diet soda makes me throw up. OK, Diet Dr. Pepper doesn’t make me throw up. But every other diet soda makes me throw up. Especially Diet Pepsi. Diet Pepsi tastes like somebody has mixed half water, half Pepsi.

  11. I’m in good shape been have my whole life and I just bought 24 pack and my mom and dad throwing a fit like really come on I’m good with drinking soda it tease good so who cares

  12. Diet soda gives me an option when I go out to board game nights at a local restaurant with my board game group. It allows me to continue my overall calorie reduction and weight loss. But 95% of what I drink is water. I occasionally treat myself to 1% milk or a gatorade if I have the calories and have been good.

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  14. Thank you for pointing out the facts. I once went to the movies with some of my friends and got a diet root beer. They said how unhealthy that is as they were filling up their cups with regular coke.

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  16. You know the studies that say that diet soda is linked to obesity? It’s because the diet soda drinkers eat other high calorie foods, which leads to a caloric surplus which leads to weight gain. All of the years of people saying diet soda is worse had no idea what they were talking about.

  17. I hate diet soda but its way better for me. I have 5 brothers 3 which drank a lot of soda. I switched to diet cause I wanted to lose weight. Started running cause I was getting really fat. One of my brothers got diabetes now he has to inject himself cause of soda consumption. My 2 other brothers got really really fat. And i, I lost a couple pounds. I also stopped eating chips. Been drinking diet soda and I haven’t gained weight, and I drink it a lot. Lost A shirt size 2xl to XL and a pants size 40 to 38. I feel happy.

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  20. Imo you should consider doing a video about "Which kind of salt is less bad for you?", the consensus around it are pretty obscure and the studies are all around the place, and some people(like me) really really struggle to quit it successfully and is a serious health risk.

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  22. Short answer:the data points to diet soda being better but moderation is key and u need to have a healthy lifestyle and just because it has zero calories or natural sugar that doesnt mean u can get more of something else like ice cream or whateva

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  24. Big question.. what about alcohol, which has no labels? Hell soda sucks altogether anyway, let’s dive deeper into this.. bearing the question, what about seltzer waters or seltzer alcohols?

  25. I drink a Diet Coke pretty much everyday
    But that is sometimes only what I have the entire day
    Depression sucks but at least it didn’t kill my love for coke

  26. diet soda causes more more food craving. just don’t overeat shits because of it then diet soda is much better.

  27. It seems to me like people just assume now that they drink diet soda they are automatically healthy and neglect other forms of health watching. They dont exercise, they dont cut out other unhealthy foods or drinks, they just think "well i switched to diet soda so im good now" which results in the negative statistics. Like you drink the diet soda, and then you proceed to still sit down all day and maybe have some cookies. That’s not healthy, that’s just cutting out a single thing.

    As far as my situation goes im simply trying to lose weight, which the zero calories of course appeals to me. And regardless of any potential long term negative effects its clearly a good tool to use for this short term weight loss goal when combined of course with other things like exercise. You cant expect to switch to diet soda and immediately just be immune to any medical problem.

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