Does Diet Soda Make You Fat?!

Does Diet Soda Make You Fat?!

In this educational video we dive into the research on diet soda’s and artificial sweeteners. There have been many claims made about the ‘dangers’ of artificial sweeteners including that they make you fat, disrupt insulin sensitivity, destroy your gut microflora and various other claims. In this video we break down what the human research actually says.

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  1. I just want to say thank you for this video. I’ve been having thyroid issues for years and finally been diagnosed with PCOS but getting a better handle on my food intake (and hopefully my weight!) but since I "indulge" on a cup of diet vanilla coke, my friends and family are still telling me I’m "sabotaging" my weight loss and health, yet it’s keeping me satiated and on course

  2. If i am really craving for some sugar or soda, i just take one sip of diet soda and the craving is gone. It helps me to not start binge eating.

  3. Remember when cigarette smoking research was funded by the cigarette manufacturers? Luckily, they always had 3rd party doctors to back them up in proving that smoking is good for you.
    (I’m a Diet DrPepper-oholic, so I’m just talking smack)

  4. I wonder would they find the same results with just normal soda water (sparkling/carbonated water) against artificially sweetened soda. I think it’s safe to say that carbonation impacts feeling full. So perhaps rather than hitting some sweet craving factor, it’s just the gas making people feel full.

  5. Maybe the only way it could "make you fat" is if you drink a load of diet soda that has caffeine before and you can’t get good sleep haha. I’ve noticed that some have a ton of sodium as well. Some like sprite zero and diet 7up actually include around 2x or more the potassium now plus no caffeine so those are my go to’s. Prefer the citrus taste anyways 🙂

  6. All I know is that since I cut out diet soda, I have lost 5 pounds in one week. Also, my sweet cravings have decreased big time. So, for me, I will not be drinking anymore for a long time.

  7. The topic of artificial sweetener’s effect on micro bioms that interest me most. I sure hope you’re right. I love diet soda.

  8. The problem is the stuff is synthetic and not made by nature. Exactly what are you inserting into your body? I would just stay away from all soda. Drink something else it’s not that hard ??

  9. Am doing a PhD atm and just wanted to say how you discuss and talk about scientific literature is fantastic. Listening to you has really helped improve how I discuss scientific literature in my own field. Keep up the great work 👍

  10. I usually give up my diet soda for Lent, and I rarely succeed for the whole time, but I end up drinking alot of tea. But the funny thing, I feel absolutely no different physically when I give up the soda. Maybe the caffeine in the tea makes up for the caffeine in the soda but I feel no different. But I can’t tell any difference so why give it up?

  11. Diet coke, sprite Lite zero sugar, Pepsi zero the best lol, it gets to a point you rather have diet sodas you get used to the taste no more regular. Doesn’t taste as good as normal right, but 80% instead of 100% is okay

  12. I drink around 150-200 ml coke zero or Pepsi max every day, also take sweeteners with my tea, no weight gained. I am on a calorie deficit and losing weight.

  13. Diet soda is what got me from a chubby teen into a lean adult. I almost never eat sweets because I just don’t want them, but if I only drank water I’d probably crave things like fruit juice a lot more

  14. 10:48 – I agree, we fuss way too much over the funding source. Of course the Beverage Council wants to know more about beverages; who else would?

  15. Do you think it’s the soda itself is the appetite suppressant. I find sparkling water gives that same effect or is the sweetness?

  16. Calories in vs calories out. Eat what works for you to keep to the goals you want. As long as getting an artificial sweet taste does not make you UberEats a whole cheesecake it’s fine. People look at studies like “Overweight people tend to drink diet soda”. Does not take a PHD in philosophy to figure that one out. I see overweight people on treadmills. Does that mean treadmills make you gain weight?

  17. Diet cola does seem to curb my cravings for junk food – not entirely, but enough to reduce intake. Fascinating.

  18. I was using regular full sugar soda as a diet tool and was successful. If you can’t get it done with diet you’re lying or something else is wayyyy off.

  19. Another thing is maybe the water group kept drinking water to suppress hunger, making them gain water weight easier. While diet Dr pepper fills me up.

  20. Regular coke don’t make you fat, I know people who drink two or three cases a week. And all three of them are skinny or meadium in size

  21. Yeah I remember being 18 and somewhat emaciated , drinking 1L of coke zero a day pretty often. Pretty sure diet soda doesn’t make you fat.

  22. I use to drink a coke zero everyday and I developed a pain in my side. Once I stopped the coke the pain went away

  23. I aint gonna lie, I was an alcoholic for several years and had developed holes in my stomach and the only thing that saved me from a slippery slope of the biggest medical bills you’ve ever seen was drinking coke zero and diet dr pepper all freaking day long for a couple months.

    Sometimes those artificial sweeteners can save your life.

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