Dr. Mike Answers: Is Drinking Celery Juice Actually Healthy? | SELF

Dr. Mike Answers: Is Drinking Celery Juice Actually Healthy? | SELF

Our friend and resident wellness expert Dr. Mike Varshavski explores the myths and health benefits around celery juice trends. Does celery juice help with inflammation? Can celery juice make you lose weight? Will celery juice give you more energy? Dr. Mike sets out to reveal what our bodies actually need and if celery juice plays a roll at boosting our health.

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Dr. Mike Answers: Is Drinking Celery Juice Actually Healthy? | SELF


  1. I know this is weird but if you’re trying to increase your speed count and shoot bigger load celery juice is the way to go

  2. Dr. Mike is a vaccine pushing shill. I had awful GERD and nothing cured it except Medical Medium celery juice! Try it yourself instead of listening to pharma owned liars like Dr. Mike!

  3. You didn’t even do any research on the protocol before you made this video you’re just spouting off a completely misinformed opinion

  4. Hey Dr.Mike how many hours in medical school have been spent on nutrition…actually how many hours do all doctors get in school? Why in the world would we ask the very people that aren’t able to help? SMH

  5. Should talk about Keto diet too. I was surprised how much people believe in Keto diet after I moved to America a year and 10 months ago. It’s literally considered one of the most unhealthy diet in my country. I don’t understand why is it so popular in America…. It’s because comparing to American daily diet, Keto diet is really healthy? 🥶

  6. My conclusion after watching this video, is this doctor wants to sell us pills and drugs instead. Period

  7. Doctors would generally prefer pharma pills…they actually don’t know too much about a healthy lifestyle… doctors today never explain how to eat healthy to build up your immune system…hope you are not on the pharma pay roll…

  8. Dr. Mike, the Medical Medium’s last name is William with no s. Not Williams. If you are not accurate and concise with details how do I know you didn’t miss some other small detail scientifically? I’m going to try this celery juice and see how it works…

  9. Ofcourse doctors will not support this, they never support healthy diet, they do support medications.

  10. You’re not a doctor. You’re a legal DRUG DEALER. Drugs don’t heal the body, ok? Working for big pharma is why you make so much money. Because you just manage symptoms and not heal your patients. Functional medicine is REAL MEDICINE.

  11. Sorry, Mike! There are thousands of people who are healing because of Celery Juice. That’s is the evidence that we needed. There will be no scientific evidence for a herb that brings no revenue ever.

  12. Just eat celery, why do you have to juice it and remove all the insoluble fiber that improves digestion. If you received any benefit, it’s because your digestion improved. All illness originates in the gut.

  13. Anyway I’ve been drinking celery juice for a few years now for fibromyalgia and for a lot of other things and went to the doctors and they took five different things off my charts so I am totally convinced that celery juice is awesome because my body is healing itself and been stronger than ever before

  14. I’ve never tried celery juice, but a lot these debunking arguments are really short-sighted and arrogant. If celery juice does things to improve gut health, then it can have a dramatic effect on energy levels, the immune system, and hormones which can cause people to lose weight, feel great and be happy. Also, personally I know my migraines are caused by a deficiency in electrolytes which celery is full of, so I suspect that it is a cure for migraines for many people.

  15. LOL I just wanted to make my own "celery jell-o" like my mom made salads with…but when the whole drink 16oz of celery juice and this will fix your life thing popped up in my search I thought oo that don’t sound right. fuggetaboutit. (Not to mention the price of a fancy blender!)

  16. I’m sorry but jeez ur tooooo handsome to be a doctor! 😆😂😅💋 You should have been a super model 😜😂! Good job 👍!

  17. Yeah this video is trash. Came to you for legitimate advice after your vaccine vids but reading the comments kind of seems like your just a shill for your industry. Pathetic.

  18. People need to eat more green foods anyway, so Just do it anyway if you want to. Healthier than a sugar loaded high carb pastry.

  19. I don’t think the doctors want you to be well because if you’re well you won’t be going to the doctor and getting big prescriptions that cost big money and cost everything is about lining their pockets not making you healthy I don’t believe in doctors anymore at all especially after listening to this guy

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