Everything Wrong with KFC in India #GroundReport

Everything Wrong with KFC in India #GroundReport

KFC in India is not like KFC around the world! The chicken and fries simply taste different. So I went out to compare the differences between KFC in India and KFC overseas in my home country of New Zealand.

Indian KFC is like a chilli bomb. They simply don’t sell the secret recipe 11 herbs and spices fried chicken like KFC does around the rest of the world. They’re stuck with hot & spicy only. I barely eat at KFC because of this. I’m used to the secret recipe chicken.

My wife opinion on KFC in India is totally different from mine. She loves it. She’s used to hot & spicy and doesn’t like the secret recipe chicken. It’s probably just what we’ve both grown up with and are used to.


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  1. I agree with all you shared. I tried their gravy and was SUPER disappointed because it was like indian curry and not KFC gravy 🤨🥸

  2. I didn’t see him to praise india in any of his videos..he seems to dislike india at its worst..and he truly seems to be a pro pakistani..😒😒

  3. Obviously he would prefer the oversees chicken cuz here in india we love hot and chilli chicken while oversees I don’t think so most of them do not like very hot chicken

  4. All these negative videos about India is what got the government of India not letting you back in and separated you from your wife.

  5. Lol we here in India wipe our shit with bare hands would anyone expect us to have good taste or make out the difference between rotten,stale & diseased food stuff?

  6. Everything that comes from outside India tastes so bad.. sometimes its better if they don’t come and the other thing is making everything vegetarian

  7. It’s a boiler chicken that cost 40rs for 1kg and this ppl sell this chicken over 100-500 rs . Complete scam.

  8. Ive just discovered your channel and I love it!! Very intressting and it gives a whole new view/perspective to such a huge and complex country 👍🍀
    Btw that was the first time that i saw your wife and i must say she is GORGEOUS!! 😍 I dont mean this in a weird way I just genuinely think that she is a beautiful woman ❤️

  9. These veggies from India spoil everything!!!!
    Banning all edibles and leaving only veggies to eat!!!!
    It sucks man!!
    I think to eat what I like I need to leave India 🤷‍♂️

  10. I went to USA and yes the chicken there is really different. In India the chicken is quite of a less muscle mass

  11. Bro KFC is from Kentucky, New Zealands KFC is different from the one in the States as well LOL every country has its own way of doing it.

  12. You know, almost every Asian countries KFC recipes (not include Japan and North Korea), don’t follow the original recipe, so everywhere you go in an Asian country, the chicken is always will be tough, bland, chewy and gone soggy because of the grease

  13. 13k salty Indians are the only ones disliking this video. Seems like you guys can’t take constructive criticism…cringe

  14. I live in the fucking US, the land of the fucking KFC and McD and I can say this with 100% certainty that KFC and McD in India is WAYYYY BETTER than the ones here in the US — in terms of the both quality of the chicken and the taste. I don’t know a damn thing about the edge of the World that is NZ, but I can say this though — the KFC here in US looks exactly like the ones in India and it looks NOTHING like the ones in NZ.

    This guy must have been smoking boners when he wrote "KFC in India is not like KFC around the world!" — with the fucking exclamation mark!! LMAO

    Edit: I watched the whole thing where he goes on about the quality of the meat. Let me fucking tell you guys one thing (again, not speaking for the "OVERSEAS" NZ, which is supposedly the quality meat capital of the fucking Universe) — the quality of KFC (and McD) chicken in the US is fucking horrible. No one earning decent wages goes to eat there.

    This guy went wayyy out of the line in this video. "Overseas" lmao

  15. Sorry but. I dont like KFC. Our indian food is very testy and there is lot of variety in indian food. KFC is tasteless.

  16. You wish to stay here in India bit repeatedly stating taste here in India is different why don’t you say taste here in New Zealand is different… Anti India Video Making Person. In your language Nonlocal Media Person 📺

  17. Karl be honest, How many times have you gotten food poisoning/solminela or worms from the street food there

  18. Not at all! My friend from California came to North East India and tasted KFC and guess what he said? He said it’s just the same! The taste is as same as they get in the USA and he liked it very much! Why’nt you go to North East India and taste?? Just because there’s a slight difference between NZ and India, you can’t generalize it to ‘the whole world’/ overseas’. Try eating in another few more countries and see.

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