Exercise Ball Is It Easy To Inflate| 65cm Fitness Ball-Cheap Fitness Ball ($5)

Exercise Ball Is It Easy To Inflate| 65cm Fitness Ball-Cheap Fitness Ball ($5)

How to inflate a Fitness ball! This 65cm fitness ball is Series Fitness and was purchased from Five Below! This ball has a concentrated training for strengthening your core, tighten and tone your body with low impact exercise. Includes 16 Different workouts for slimming and defining ABS.
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  1. Here my beautiful lady so I’m late but you know how it is but I will always get to you because you are a awesome friend to me I have hit your like button on some of your other videos the ones were you can’t comment take care and thanks for sharing your fitness ball you rock

  2. Doing my fitness regimen too. Staying Consistent about doing it. Once I know that I’ll keep doing it I will move forward with increasing my weights.

  3. Hello love i’m here checking out you Exercise Ball review. I watched the other two uploads but the comments were turned off for the frozen popsicles

  4. I love this upload. Great demonstration on show. I love it with of course your assistant 😊. The size of the ball is perfect, no too big, just perfect. Wonderful video and truly an awesome watch. The Like button is smashed totally####### as always. Have a great weekend. Stay Safe and Stay Positive. JEVITEE

  5. it’s funny you are reviewing this fitness ball because i literally got a Pregnancy Fitness Ball in my Amazon cart right now n mines cause way more than yours. So I definitely need to check out 5 Below for it. Thank you for sharing hun

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