Exercise, Less Belly Fat Keeps You Out of Hospital, New Study Finds

Exercise, Less Belly Fat Keeps You Out of Hospital, New Study Finds

Scientists in Sweden analyzed health records in over 279,000 subjects finding a strong association with low fitness levels and higher belly fat with increased odds of severe infectious disease.

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—————————————–Show Notes————————————–

0:00 intro
0:16 Fitness, Belly Fat and Poor Outcomes
0:17 Media has ignored these studies
1:15 Science on healthy living matters, too
1:43 New Swedish study in 279,455 adults
2:10 UK study showing exercise is protective
3:23 Kaiser Permanente Study on Exercise and C*19
4:32 Belly Fat, not overall body fat is the issue
5:15 Belly Fat and C*19 outcomes
6:21 Closing gyms is bad policy
7:02 Mechanisms as to how exercise is protective
7:18 Everyone’s risk is the same is a lie
10:00 Electrolyte promotion ends soon
11:09 Swedish study: low fitness is a problem
12:16 Death rate in Sweden (this data set)
13:01 Low fitness, large waist circumference and poor outcomes
13:26 Study summary: LISTEN TO THIS
14:14 Underlying health conditions were a major driver
15:45 Why isn’t exercise, healthy living being promoted?


  1. Another great video Mike! Your videos are always so informative and are exactly what everyone needs right now!

  2. Thank you for being a voice of reason in these times of misinformation as a staple…. Much appreciated 🙏🏾

  3. Mike should have on Chris wark from "Chris beat cancer". He advocates a plant based diet with very compelling arguments to limit meat and dairy intake.id love to see the discussion.

  4. I enjoy every single one of your videos! You share your knowledge and provide digestible (excuse the pun!) information. Thank you Mike 🙏

  5. Two years into this and still seeing general statistics ignoring that we all aren’t in the same health.

  6. If Fauci started jumping up and down telling people we need to exercise, avoid junky carbs and get some sum shine there would be no money in it for the for profit medical industry. And Fauci will not get a plush job offer as board of director at Pfizer for his next gig. We want to keep people sick. We don’t want them to die, but we want them sick.

  7. 4:44 *THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* No one mentions this!!
    You don’t have to be 400lbs to be obese. If you’re a 5’8" male, 198#, you’re clinically obese TOO! More people are at risk, but that 5’8" 198# guy is pointing fingers at the "obese" 350-400# man or woman saying, _"geez, get away from the table! You’re jacking up my insurance rates!"_ as he scarfs down cheetos and drinking a beer. 🙄

  8. Hi Mike, I am having such a hard time getting back to exercising because I keep getting everything my kids catch at school. I am prone to sinusitis so all their constant colds = chronic sinusitis for me. My daughter is back in school without a mask at her new school after a being virtual or in person with a mask since the pandemic started, and she is constantly sick, which was not a problem for her prior to the pandemic. I assume there may be other parents in the same boat. What should/can we do to get our kids’ immune systems back to good?

    Thanks for all the info!!

  9. It strikes me that this type of study is only done in developed countries and not in Latin America, for example.

  10. Avoiding personal responsibility seems to be a tend. People seem to want and/or expect the government to take care of them.

  11. You’re the only one speaking the truth about health. Forget about the three letter media companies or federal health agencies. They all profit from your staying sick. Thank God for you Mike! Please keep creating these videos. You do make an impact on improving the health of society. Forget about The media or government. They’re good for nothing.

  12. I lost 20 kg during Cov, lost about 2 kg per month started focusing on visceral fat when I got to 17%. I used to do 400 minutes of exercise a week back then, now I only do 200 minutes, I am still scared shitless of the Cov, if there is "muscle memory", not sure if there is "fat memory"…I cleaned my diet up, increased about 1 hour of sleep a day, improved my stress management, when my daughter got Covid-19, I looked after her, and consistently tested negative, and continued to lift weights in my outdoor gym, couldn’t do the outdoor cycling, but luckily could still do some cardio with Kettlebelling. Still wear a mask, keep social distance. I always did exercise with mask 😷 even my 100 km endurance rides. It is a pain, but these are the rules here…

  13. I recently lost 125lbs over past year in a half. I wasn’t healthy at all. Diabetes and other issues. After the weight loss I’m off insulin and controlling it with diet. I went from a 50 pants size to 40. I feel better than I did in my twenties.


    The media does not talk about exercise, because the pharmaceutical companies that spend MILLIONS on advertising on these networks, do not profit from preventative measures, such as exercise.

    We do not have a health care system, we have a sick care system. They get you going and coming. They promote conspicuous consumption and a detrimental lifestyle, that necessitates taking these drugs to cope with conditions, your choices have caused! These drugs prolong your ability to cope with the persistent symptoms of the conditions you would not have contracted, had you lived a better lifestyle. These drugs are not remedy for the root cause of the ailments, they simply perpetuate dependence on the drug itself. Failure to alter the circumstances that are conducive to the condition, facilitates your eventual demise.

  15. Sick, fat people are profitable. That’s why studies like this aren’t reported on. I’m a 58 yr old woman who is very fit. The messaging toward women my age is vile. It’s assumed we can only handle “gentle” exercise, and that feeling like crap is just normal. I can tell you that isn’t true, but people are always open to excuses that let them off the hook for taking responsibility for themselves.

  16. MSM doesn’t care about people’s health they only want to push an agenda and support big-pharma with the mandatory vaccine BS. I do fasting. Keto and regularly exercise and at 57 I feel better than when I was in my 30-40s.

  17. Think fewer hospitalizations fewer mental health drugs! What is there to loose by not being a disease care system!

  18. I can’t stand when visibly unhealthy people openly judge me for not being vaccinated (I’m considered healthy). But at the same time if I bring up these data points, the same people get offended.

  19. At the beginning of every mainstream media show, there should be a advertising line that goes:
    "Obfuscation and omission, brought to you by Pfizer"

  20. Does anyone know how to stop impulse eating when you’re not in control of the junk food that comes into the house?

  21. I’ve been using your videos and the information mentioned within to try and educate Canadians on their non-pharmaceutical options to withstand this vïrus. Additional benefits are of course an overall healthier and happier you haha. Thank you.

  22. Key takeaway:
    Instead of masking up, trying slimming down.
    Instead of glorifying the jab, get rid of the flab.

  23. Appreciate this- we turned our lifestyles around last year in an effort to make ourselves terrible hosts for the virus. My husband is down 88 lbs and working now on lingering belly fat- while our diet wasn’t terri le before it is vastly improved now!. Frustrating to see science that doesn’t fit the narrative ignored.

  24. started watching this but had to find something else when he said CNN cares about saving lives. Hey, if they really cared about saving lives then why haven’t mentioned fitness???

  25. Interesting video let down by inaccurate account of Swedish ‘success’. Sweden went beyond full capacity in many of its hospitals and had a significantly higher rate of infection and mortality compared to other Scandinavian countries

  26. Hi Mike, There is an article on Politico called Diet-related diseases pose a major risk for Covid-19. But the U.S. overlooks them. You might be interested in reading.

  27. Excellent video. I teach biology in New York City, I use the studies you cite in my classes. My students are having a hard time understanding that the data does not follow what they have been forced to do for the last almost two years. Thank you!

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