FITT Principles | Fitness Training & Programming

FITT Principles | Fitness Training & Programming

The FITT Principles are some basic principles that will help you get started on planning fitness/exercise programmes. You want to start with the person who is going to be exercising or training and think about how each of these four principles can be used to develop an appropriate, individualised or personalised training regimen or programme.

The #FITT acronym stands for #Frequency, #Intensity, Time and Type. Frequency is about how often you plan to train. Intensity is how hard you plan to train (which can be measured subjectively through RPE or objectively through HR or BPM). Time simply means how long each session, bout or set should take. Type just means the type of exercise you are doing; whether that is aerobic, resistance training, interval training, or some other type of training.

[00:00] Start
[00:19] Frequency
[01:51] Intensity
[03:55] Time
[05:55] Type
[07:33] Applying FITT Principles


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