FOOD TRIVIA QUIZ #1 – 50 Food General Knowledge Trivia Questions and Answers | Pub Quiz

FOOD TRIVIA QUIZ #1 – 50 Food General Knowledge Trivia Questions and Answers | Pub Quiz

How well do you know your food general knowledge trivia? Test yourself with this food pub quiz!


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** General Knowledge Pub Quiz Trivia Questions And Answers:

1. Canola oil (Canada Oil Low Acid) is a vegetable oil made from what? – rapeseed
2. Which country does the superfood Acai berries come from? – Brazil
3. Goulash is a popular Hungarian comfort stew. What meat is used as the main ingredient along side tomato sauce and macaroni? – beef
4. Ginger is a spice. True or false? – True
5. Which U.S State grows coffee beans? – Hawaii
6. Who invented the drink Coca-Cola? – John Pemberton
7. What cooking technique involves submerging partially cooked food in ice cold water to stop the cooking process? – blanching
8. This popular Filipino noodle dish contains shrimp, fish flakes, pork rind bits, slices of hardboiled egg, and topped with shrimp gravy. – Palabok
9. The layered pastry croissant originated in Vienna but is associated with France. Its name is a French word that means what? – crescent
10. Which part of the pig does bacon come from? – belly
11. Almonds are seeds, not nuts! – True
12. 12. What percentage of a cucumber is water? – 96%
13. Which vegetable is the first to be planted in space? – potato
14. Doritos, the American tortilla chip brand, means what in Spanish? – Little golden things
15. Red food coloring is also known as carmine or cochineal. What is it created from? – A type of insect
16. How did the pound cake get its name? – Weight of each ingredient
17. Who’s slogan is “Have it your way”? – Burger King
18. How did pineapples get their name? – Looked like pinecones
19. Which of the vegetables below is NOT a cruciferous vegetable? – bell pepper
20. Strawberries is unique quality among fruits is … – external seeds
21. What is the other name for avocado? – Alligator pear
22. Where did Caesar salad originate from? – Mexico
23. The Italian term “Al dente” is often used to describe pasta doneness. What does it mean? – To the tooth
24. Which of the following is NOT found in a falafel? – Potato
25. Jambon is the French word for what kind of food? – Ham
26. Which contains more sugar percentage? – Lemon
27. What is the most common spice used for Indian Chai tea? – Cardamom
28. Which of these is a commonly used type of oil for Chinese cooking? – Peanut
29. Should tomatoes be stored in the fridge? – No, they’ll lose flavor!
30. Which continent could one find the Guinea Pig dish called “Cuy”? – South America
31. Guess the Japanese dish pictured below! – Soba
32. Guess the Korean dish pictured below! – Bibimbap
33. What kind of meat is used in jujeh kababs? – Chicken
34. Which of the 4 types of coffee is most common (accounts for 60-70% of produced)? – Arabica
35. What is the main flavor component of the Greek Tzatziki sauce? – Garlic
36. What term describes the cooking method for melting fat out of meats like duck or pork? – Render
37. Balut is a fertilized developing egg embryo that is boiled and eaten from the shell. Which country is it from? – The Philippines
38. Ahi is the Hawaiian name for this type of tuna. – Yellowfin
39. A glaze, icing, sauce, or filling for pastries, made from chocolate and cream. – Ganache
40. What’s the name of the drink that mixes orange juice with champagne? – Mimosa
41. This dessert is made from whipped egg whites and sugar. – Meringue
42. What is the Italian pasta pictured below? – Fusilli
43. South American seafood dish that originated in Peru, typically made from fresh raw fish cured in fresh citrus juices and spiced with chilli peppers. – Ceviche
44. What is the berry pictured below? – Elderberry
45. What are chicharrones? – Fried pork rind
46. What type of cheese is often used with a reuben sandwich? – Swiss
47. What is the meat name for goat? – Chevon
48. What is the common name for Allium sativum? – Garlic
49. What is the fruit pictured below? – Cucamelon
50. Ortolan, a controversial and now prohibited dish, is a French delicacy traditionally eaten with a napkin shrouding one’s face. What kind of animal is the ingredient? – Songbird

Thanks for playing the General Knowledge Quiz! How much did you know?

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