Full Body Workout at Home with Dumbbells – 40 Min Total Body Workouts with Weights Strength Training

Full Body Workout at Home with Dumbbells – 40 Min Total Body Workouts with Weights Strength Training

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  1. As others have said IM THRILLED YALL ARE BACK! Y’all have been my go to workout channel for 2.5 years and I was starting to get bored doing the same AWESOME routines! Thanks so much! You guys are the BEST!!!❤❤❤

  2. Love you guys!!!! I would love it if you did a full body workout that is knee friendly thank you for these amazing 🤩 workouts💖💖

  3. What will happen if I do this workout for 30 days everyday will I get somewhat shredded?

  4. So glad you are back! The BEST videos on YouTube hands down! Just when I need you guys, there you are! I’m back to weight training after some low back pain. Normally yoga and calisthenics are my go tos, but I know I need the weights again!

  5. So happy to see you guys back!!! You have made a big difference in people’s lives and mindsets!! Thank you, wholeheartedly!

  6. Please show the calorie info of the workout on the thumbnail. It doesn’t need to be counting during the workout but at least it can help to chose the exercises.

  7. this was awesome! i really felt the vibrations in my muscles in some of the moves!! i love ur workouts, thank u so much!!

  8. So I’ve been very focused on Improving my health recently and it payed off. I wanted to share what I’m doing and how amazing I believe full body workouts (TBW = total body workout) can be.

    Ever since Mayo Clinic injured me in surgery 6 years ago my blood pressure has been high, 138 over 88 on avg. The last two months it’s been 115 over 75 range, I’m 100% shocked at the improvement. I never thought I’d see blood pressure numbers like this again.

    I can walk a certain distance but I’m unable to do any cardio, including riding a stationary bike due to my injuries. I can’t lift heavy weights due to my injuries. There are simple physical therapy exercises I’m unable to do. Through trial and error and help from a physical therapist I found several exercises I could do. So how do I get my pulse rate up?

    Instead of splitting up the days I did random physical therapy exercises. I started doing every exercise I could do in one workout. It’s something that turned into a circuit, cross fit, TBW, intense physical therapy session. Once I start there is no rest. I go from one exercise to the next, it took time to build endurance (and credit my pre-workout supplementation with no caffeine).

    I did this because it was the ONLY way I could get an elevated pulse rate for an extended period of time. I had to modify my routine so it includes exercises I can do sitting down (standing in one place takes a toll on me quickly).

    I love it and feel most people could benefit from this routine. Especially those who get burnt out or have limited time or resources. You only have to do it for one hour, once every three days (10 days a month) and all you need is bands. No gym membership or free weights needed. I’ve turned into a huge fan of TBW. But, you must go as hard as your body allows in that hour.

    For anyone seeking massive gains this isn’t for you. Although I’d love to see what could be accomplished with no steroids and free weights doing this type of training. Again, this isn’t about huge muscles but overall health and wellness. As far as exercises there are lots of tutorials on youtube, such as this one. Dumbbells are great too! Just make sure you hit every muscle in the body. Hit google and do some research on TBW.

    Walking two days between workouts is my other activity (no walking day of TBW). A 30-60 minute walk at your best pace is super beneficial. I don’t believe you need to bust your ass doing cardio but if you can, go for it. I love walking. Walking is great cardio and easy on the body. Especially if you can do it in the sand. I can go further on sand vs pavement or treadmill. I call this the broken body workout regimen. So it’s TBW, cardio, cardio, repeat.

    You don’t have to take supplements! I can’t pinpoint which one helped my blood pressure. I’m guessing the green powder, beet root and coq10 are most beneficial. Here is my total pre-workout. Super greens powder, beet root powder, coq10, vegan protein powder, multivitamin (super b complex), fish oil, creatine and banana. This is my breakfast to break my fast, I swear by it. It’s super nutritious and fills me with energy at only 300 calories.

    Before Mayo Clinic broke me I’d never take a multivitamin because it would interfere with my sleep routine. So this might not benefit you. Not all vitamin supplements are the same. Do your research! There are affordable quality brands I’d recommend but don’t wanna come across as sell-out trying to sell you something.

    I’d tell anyone that has high blood pressure to try beet root powder. It taste terrible but I find the concentrated dose better and more effective than eating beets. Watermelon is also fantastic for high blood pressure. You can, but not in all instances, fix blood pressure issues without potentially harmful medications!

    Same with the green powder. They say eating vegetables is better and it is but it doesn’t boost my energy level like the super green powder. Example: I love to saute cabbage, celery and onion but it never gave me an energy boost like the green powder. Do both if you can! Just make sure to eat veggies. Sweet potatoes with olive oil is delicious!

    In case anyone thinks I’m capable of more or I’m doing too much. The rest of my days are spent sitting because my body cannot handle too much additional activity. I can’t even do regular curls for arms due to my injuries, I have to do partials. I’ve modified grip and have to sacrifice form in several exercises just to work some of my muscles. For some crazy reason only using two fingers when I do triceps reduced pain… My body is a wreck, lol. There is so much more I wish I could do. Heavy resistance training was something I loved to do, I miss it. I firmly believe if it wasn’t for proper nutrition and this exercise routine I wouldn’t be standing at all. I’m not a medical professional or expert, just sharing my experiences.

    Before starting this routine I did physical therapy 4 times a week and was walking. I was doing more than I am now. I did that routine the last few years. My blood pressure was still high. Even after going vegan, it was still high! So, it’s rather the supplements or the new therapy routine with increased intensity that reduced my blood pressure. Or probably, a combination of both. My energy levels were so low a few months ago. They are better now. All my money goes toward my health but staying alive is a good investment.

    Anyhow, I could say more and will probably edit this after a bit, this is getting long and I have to stretch.

  9. I got my diet plan from *Agoge Diet* and lost 2kg in just 10 days. So far, so good. Can’t wait to see numbers on scale after 20 more days. I am so excited about this.

  10. Great workout! I am a runner and quite stubborn when it comes to regular strength training. You guys are the only ones who make it easy for me. Love your workouts!!!!

  11. As a regular viewer since 2011, seeing the production quality evolve is equally as great as the health benefits I gained over the years.

  12. First time to try this full body workout . Great as always. Thanks for Claudia always remind inhale n exhale . They are good partner. The coach is good too, always try to communicate with us by talking along the workout. Always encourage us. 👍👍😀😀🙏🙏

  13. The workouts are awesome however I miss the motivation posters/sayings I enjoy reading them also does the background has to be white ?

  14. I’m so glad you’re back. And following along has made me feel great.
    I did check out your app for more workouts . For me, I can’t cast it to my big screen TV and it’s hard to see on my tablet. Any way you can move some to YouTube?
    Keep up the great work, love those compound moves and supersets. I really like the stretch band routine. Till the next time on YouTube. D

  15. it s been a long time i didnt exercise this way….i feel great after this workout. thank you

  16. You’re back! Awesome to see new routines in the style of the videos I’ve been working out to from you. Too bad the calorie counter is gone, that would have been useful!

  17. thank you claudia for reminding me to breathe, it was so funny when coach was trying to get his balance. And yes, of all the million things I could have wasted my time on today, you guys helped me finish this work out

  18. Thank you! I love this workout! What a nice way to start my morning before Day 10000 (it seems) of WFH/lockdown! 🙂

  19. The new videos are brilliant just did this one. but I still do the old ones to. I never miss a day Monday to Friday Thanks guys looking beautiful Claudia as always xx♥️

  20. Very happy you guys are back I really enjoy your videos I’ve been working out to them for quite a while now thank you for all your hard work

  21. Thank you both for getting back to it! Love your workouts! Blessings to your family also!!

  22. Solid workout, HASFit! Glad you’re back. I’m a fitness instructor who uses your workouts on the days I’m not teaching at the gym. Love your cues, correct physiology, levels for different abilities, your positive spirit and relatability. Keep up the great work!

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