Full-Day of Eating 2000 Calories | SUPER High Protein Diet for Fat Loss

Full-Day of Eating 2000 Calories | SUPER High Protein Diet for Fat Loss

Full-Day of Eating 2000 Calories | SUPER High Protein Diet for Fat Loss

Today’s video is about eating 2000 calories, gaining muscle, and finding some high-protein recipe ideas.

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Hi everyone 👋 If you are here for are of the following reasons, you’re in luck:

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So, in today’s video, I embarked on a 2000 calorie diet and set myself a protein goal of over 200g. I start with a turkey & egg omelet that comes to 492 calories, 49g protein, 27g carbs, and 15g fat. For lunch, I have a big-ass warm chicken salad that contains 512 calories, 62g protein, 33g fat, and 14g protein. For dinner, I treat myself to some steak & veg that contains 496 calories, 54g protein, 32g carbs, and 12g fat. And then as my final meal, I have some glorious protein porridge that contains 478 calories, 37g protein, 56g carbs, and 9g fat. Super tasty, super high protein, super low calorie, super voluminous, just…super 😂No but seriously if your goal is to lose weight, if your goal is to gain muscle, if you’re just looking for some low calorie or high protein recipes, if you’re on 2000 calories yourself, you’ll take some good inspiration from these meals.

And between recipes, I also talk about my 3 step process on how to transition from a cut to a bulk which I know a lot of people will find useful. So, it involves finding out what your calorie maintenance is with my special method, sticking with these calories for approx 2 weeks and monitoring your weight in the process, and eventually transitioning into a lean bulking phase where the goal is to gain as much muscle as possible whilst minimizing fat gain.


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  1. I love seeing fitness channels that are realistic and use frozen and microwave food. The health world can get toxic and look down on those items but someone who’s busy or just shopping more cost efficiently, frozen veggies and microwave food items is best. Thanks for showing you can be perfectly healthy eating both.

  2. Hey man I’m 6’3 91kg and 20% body fat if I followed this diet would I lose fat and build muscle at the same time?

  3. I need some sort of veg in my system because no matter how I season them or cook them, It’s difficult to eat so Ima just blend bunch of lettuce with water and drink

  4. I’ve been so afraid to "eat to lose weight" and it finally clicked with me! Currently 240lbs, goal weight is 160lbs. Someone told me I should be aiming for 137g of protein/day, plus healthy fats & low carbs to lose fat + gain muscle. Is this accurate? Still a newbie. (I’m also working out/lifting weights and swimming 5x a week)

  5. When you log your food for Calories on MyFitnessPall do you use cooked or raw meats? Some other videos advise using cooked weight for meats that lose water and raw for veg?

  6. Enjoy the vide ppz. Drop a comment below if you’re sound ✌️
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  7. Quick question for u lot. If I eat my 140g protein goal without a calorie surplus can I build muscle? My calorie intake is like 1600 . I’m 178cm tall and weigh 74kg

  8. does packaged diced onion really exist? Humans find great ways to creat unnecessary plastic or waste in general…

  9. I love your videos but you disappointed me by saying you were watching the Spurs doc LOL I am a die hard Gunner!

  10. God bless the algorithm this is the best and most realistic daily cutting meals video I’ve ever seen. Keep crushing it mate

  11. Bro thank you so much for these type of videos. It really helps. Do them more as well

  12. Bro this literally solved all my problems. I’ve been stressing so much lately because I’ve been afraid to drive my calories up too much to find my maintenance but I didn’t even know anything about the idea of lean bulking. Definitely going to feel better about raising my calories up a few weeks by week until I find what’s best for me! Thanks so much for this man and keep up the grind! 💪🏼 love these videos btw keep em coming

  13. That breakfeast is not 492 kcal! The eggs alone is 200, bread is 120. That’s already 320. You still need the eggwhite, turkey (200), mushrooms, oliveoil and spinach.

  14. Ever compare U.S.A Heinz ketchup vs Europe’s America’s ketchup has chemicals as all the other food they sell to us😒

  15. you don’t really have to track calories if you know what you’re putting in your body. you shouldn’t be consuming much carbs if you really want to get shredded as hell. or in other word you may eat most of your carbs around your session workouts and always remember 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight and maybe more if you have a high body fats to burn that as fastest as possible. give one of this 👍. thank you. and make sure to subscribe to this channel he is really showing you guys everything for free.

  16. I eat like half of what you show in the video, do HIIT, exercise with heavy weight, still have belly fat. LOL

  17. How long are you supposed to stay at that calorie count until you have to change it up and get a new number. I’m trying to lose weight

  18. I enjoy your channel a lot! Just one question – those diced onions are bought in a package or you store them like that having diced yourself?

  19. Thank you for this. Some ppl who suggest meal prep to me like egg whites and spinach for a snack a banana etc. POINT IS IM ALWAYS HUNGRY AND I HATE BEING HUNGRY! I’m more like to let my food rot. But this I’m excited about especially the sweetness you added at the end

  20. You gotta have a good diet if you want to build muscle fast. I suggest the Agoge diet, it worked amazing for me.

  21. that looked closer to 40 calories of ketchup just saying. I don’t recommend people free pour ketchup as it adds up fast

  22. ngl brother I was about to turn off the video when you put the mushrooms w your eggs but I love the rest of the combinations, great ideas for diff meals 🤙🏻

  23. I managed to eat 1900 calories with 190 grams of protein today and i seen this video I would like to know can I still gain muscle and lose fat at the same time of doing this?

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