FULL DAY OF EATING ON MY DIET | 2000 calories – pancakes, cookies, chocolate

FULL DAY OF EATING ON MY DIET | 2000 calories – pancakes, cookies, chocolate

FULL DAY OF EATING – during my 2000 calorie refeed THIS WAS SO GOOD omg editing this while on low calories again was killer SO YOU BETTER WATCH IT, APPRECIATE IT, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE ETCCC ILYSM
xx Soph
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  1. I don’t think people realise the amount of fresh wholesome foods you get to eat on 2000 cals – looks very much like my day (ex the meat in the morning 🤨 lol) xx

  2. Hey Loving your vid style! just uploaded my own 2000 calorie Full Day of eating, so really good to see how you done yours Good work! Now going to watch some more vids! Loving the channel! 😊👍🏻 give mine a little watch if you get time! Always good to engage with other similar youtubers

  3. The translator put "Asian meat" when you said you like eating meat for breaking. Thought that was funny.

  4. always and forever you are the greatest gym youtuber…but please make more videos..
    and please try to 60fps 1080p video quality or 4k quaility because you are the best youtuber and l watch to 102 lcd tv so it s look blur…

  5. Is that a Macro calorie counter? I don’t know if I can do this thoroughout the day. I just eye it. But it says I need to intake 2100 calories

  6. I eats like 3,5k kcal, and im skinnier 😂, 14 years old and a lot of training in day, khalistenic is the best to be fit, Im eating 2000kcal just for dinner, so i wont say how much im eating, in a whole day 😂, nice to see you, bye

  7. 💗 I love how you can fit in so
    Much different foods in your day !! I try dot he same ! More desserts always fit that in 🤤😜

  8. I love these videos thanks so much for posting, I tend to eat the same things every day 🙄 I don’t really like fish but I may start 😁

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