Group health insurance explained

Group health insurance explained

This video is a comprehensive overview of group health insurance. In only a few minutes, we answer many of the most common frequently asked questions (FAQ). We cover topics such as, plan types, COBRA vs State Continuation, underwriting requirements, cost, legislation and more.

Video – Level-funded group health plans
Video – How much benefits “really” cost
Video – How to quote group health insurance in 2021

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0:00 – Intro
0:20 – Group health insurance defined
1:00 – Group size guidelines
1:32 – Requirements for group health insurance
2:25 – History of underwriting
3:43 – Group health plan type overview
4:00 – Fully insured group health plans
4:30 – Self-funded health plans and ASO coverages
5:12 – Level funded group health plans
6:07 – HMO plan description
6:34 – PPO plan description
7:17 – EPO plan description
7;47 – High deductible health plan (HDHP) and HSA description
8:40 – Referenced based pricing plans (RBP) description
9:17 – Advantages to offering group health insurance
9:46 – Group health insurance cost
10:17 – COBRA vs State Continuation
11:19 – Group health insurance companies
11:59 – Quoting options

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