Half An Hour Weight Loss – 30 Min Home Workout To Burn Fat

Half An Hour Weight Loss – 30 Min Home Workout To Burn Fat

If you only have half an hour available everyday and you want a good and effective workout to help you lose weight at home – then this routine is for you!

This workout contains simple bodyweight exercises that doesn’t require much space or additional equipment.

Just press play, and start the workout! The trainer will count the reps for you and show you how to do the exercise, and what exercise follows next!

Good luck and leave me a comment below, tell me if it’s easy or hard for you!

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  1. As expert, I do think Okibetonic Secrets is great way to lost lots of weight. Why not give it a chance? maybe it can work for you too.

  2. I execute only 15 mins, after that my vision starts to blur. But, I hope I lose some weight! Good luck Guys! >

  3. I am 13 y …
    Doesn’t know my weight….
    But I think I am fat.. .
    Day 1 completed …
    I am sweating a lot..
    Till happy when she say "You have completed workout🎊"

  4. I tried this a couple of times before and I never got to finish the entire 30 mins because between 15-20 mins, I felt like I would pass out anytime and my vision starts turning black… I jogged for a few weeks and tried this work out again today and boy did I have the new endurance and FINISHED THIS WORKOUT!!! YYEEESSSSSS!<3 To those reading this, YOU CAN DO IT TOO!^^

  5. Can we all agree that the 6.6K people who disliked expected themselves to burn it immediately, but didn’t? Instead, they just did it once and gave up.

  6. i’ve started doing this work out on the end of march i think but i kept doing cuts where there’s days i don’t do the exercise,,

    since it’s our school break i decided to restart this workout and do it properly this time. hoping for good results, goodluck to everyone!! :DD

  7. It’s my first day doing this and it’s so hard lol but good luck guys we can do it!!

  8. I love how everyone can just come together here and all just acknowledge that we want to better ourselves. So wholesome ❤️

  9. Good exercises I tried this I lost 5kg in one month with some dieting and green tea…it’s really amazing

    (forgot to add this to my frst comment) – ’07’ liner, 65 kg, waist inch is 34-32, height is 4’11ft – 5ft

  11. As expert, I think Okibetonic Secrets can be good way to lost a ton of weight. Why don’t you give it a chance? perhaps it’s going to work for you too.

  12. Doing it for 15 days as I am not much fat/over weighted
    Day 1:✔️
    Day 2:✖️
    Day 3:✖️
    Day 4:✖️
    Day 5:✔️
    Day 6:✔️(just 15 minutes)
    Day 7:✔️
    Day 8:✔️
    Day 9:✔️

  13. 2 years ago, I weighed 70 kilograms. After losing as much weight as I needed, I lost 9-10 kg! Now, I weigh 59-60 kilograms! 😊

  14. I am liking this video because I wanna be slim and gonna do this for 2 months and now I am healthy And thin

  15. I’m gonna do half and half each day until I build up enough endurance to do the whole thing so I’m leaving this time stamp for myself 16:02

  16. Hi am from India

    Just need a clarification that how many days in a week can we do this excercise

    Is there any need to change our food plan of our normal routine n follow specific

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