Health And Wellness Hacks That Work | Mona Vand

Health And Wellness Hacks That Work | Mona Vand

In today’s video I’m sharing 5 wellness hacks that are super easy but involve thinking outside the box 🙂 From what to drink in order to get a better workout down to removing all labels – I think these tips will be really easy to incorporate but make a HUGE difference! Share your own fav hacks in the comments below so we can all learn from one another 🙂

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  1. I normally never comment on videos, but I appreciate how Mona puts some thought into her advice, rather than spewing out cliche tips. Great content!

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  4. I liked your vid so much. I have been trying to search for a YouTube video that really breaks down the topics in this video! 👍 🩺 The part at 1:24 is smart. Your content is similar to the videos of Dr Ethan. Doctor Ethan’s demonstrations are totally insightful and I actually learned a lot for my wellness!

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  6. Such a pretty outfit! 💙
    What kinda camera do you use by the way? 😚
    I read that celery juice is a good pre-strength training drink and that beet juice is good pre-cardio. What do you think about it? Never heard of drinking watermelon before working out though. Gotta try it, I love watermelon! 🍉

  7. I wish I knew about that mind body cast study, before knee surgery. I had so much quad atrophy, it’s unreal. 😅 Also, your tips were so helpful!!

  8. I loved the video a lot. I’ve been trying to look for vid like yours that informs the stuff in this vid! 👩‍⚕️Your tip is like the channel from Doctor Ethan. Dr Ethan’s explanations are actually insightful and I really learned a lot for my practice. He is the helpful Dr in Europe and he explains vaccines.

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  10. 💕❤️🙌 omg yes! the tight leggings/pants affecting my digestion is what I’ve been thinking too Mona! I thought i was the only one. Thanks for the tips gal

  11. Great tips! Love that these are different tips and not the same recycled ones we’ve all heard😂 love the video!

  12. Meditation is such an important one! I thought it was boring for ages but it really did make a huge difference

  13. Hello! I enjoyed this. I’ve been trying to look for vid similar to yours that teaches the topics in this video! 🙌Your vid is similar to the vids of this smart Doctor Ethan. His explanations are insightful and he really helped me on midterms. He is a respected med student in Europe.

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  14. I lived with Herpes virus for very long time till I meet Dr Ogbona on YouTube who helped me get rid of it with his herbal medication

  15. This video came on time. I just finished watching Soap Making videos that were just as calming at pinkladybathandbody….✨💞💖

  16. LOVE the last tip. And love you my peace and happiness is your content!!!!!!!🦋🦋🦋

  17. Hi Mona, what’s another alternative to tart cherry juice. Don’t think it’s easily accessible here in Malaysia. Appreciate your advice thx

  18. Thank you for bringing the positivity and light! You motivate and inspire me so much!!!! 💖💖💖💖

  19. Hi Mona, I always love the content you put out there. It has changed my mindset towards food and wellness. What is your taking Collegen supplements?

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