Health and Wellness Journal

Health and Wellness Journal

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I really enjoyed making my health and wellness journal and use it often to make notes about healthy recipes, healthy meal planning, natural remedies such as essential oils, crystals and herbal teas. A health journal can also be used to record symptoms or medications you may be talking and could be an important piece of informatin that may serve you one day. Lately, whilst on my hiatus from youtube filming and crafting, I have completed some short courses on essential oils and crystals and my home will often have the oil diffuser going with different blends.

I do hope you enjoy this flip-through and hope it inspires you to make your own. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about the journal and I would love to hear from any one that has made their own. Let’s all share and inspire each other. Please feel free to link any videos you may have in the comments.

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  1. Hi I stopped by to visit you’re Lovely channel. I hit all the buttons and bell I hope you do too Tyfs ❤ I’m soooo Looking forward to seeing more videos!! Have a wonderful day much love to you 🥰

  2. Absolutely stunning!!!! Wow!!!! Such a great variety of materials! Good to have your Grandma in there!!!!!! Awesome! xoxo-Julie

  3. Omggggg your journal is so inspiring! I’m actually working on a health journal. You have given me so many ideas! I’m up in age and decided a few weeks ago to write down how I feel, meds I take, times in hospital etc. I subscribed to your channel! Thank you for sharing! I look forward to your next video! Would love to see how you make a pocket page! Hugs!

  4. The post card is German, with the Easter Flower on front……you did an amazing bit of crafting, very inspirational Journal, love the idea with multiple envelopes on a page, YES I stuck it out to the end, it was just too Jolly interesting…..tfs and thanks for sharing your health journey

  5. Amazing effort young lady. Such an imagination and full of creativity you are. Happy to hear you are learning about herbs etc. I worked for 18 yrs for a Dr who specialised in complimentary medicine, chinese herbs, alternative therapies etc etc etc.

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