Health Coach Salary Exposed! (You'll Be Shocked At What They're Making)

Health Coach Salary Exposed! (You'll Be Shocked At What They're Making)

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I’ve got something scary to share with you: it’s the average health coach salary. If you want to be shocked then watch this.

The average salary of a health coach is so low that it makes you wonder how they’re able to live. It’s my mission to help more health coaches earn their worth and enjoy life fully while having a massive impact on lives.

Tune in to find out how much a health coach makes on average, and why it’s so critical that those numbers change.

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Healthpreneur® is a world-renowned coaching and training company for health practice owners who want to serve more patients and scale their practices (virtually or in-person) without burning out in the process.

It was founded by New York Times bestselling author and health practice success mentor, Yuri Elkaim, who has built two multiple 7-figure health businesses that have served over 500,000 people since 2006.

We are on a mission to transform the lives of 1 BILLION people on the planet and we will accomplish this ambitious goal by helping thousands of practitioners build better run, more profitable, “talk of the town” practices that transform their communities.

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Whether you want to predictably attract more patients, grow your health practice without
everything relying on you, or take your expertise online, we can likely help.
As long as you own your own practice, are great at what you do, and you’re willing to take ownership of the marketing and business skills required to grow your practice, we can help you accomplish big things.

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Health Coach Salary Exposed! (You’ll Be Shocked At What They’re Making)

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