Health Niche – How To Find Most Profitable Niches As A Health Coach

Health Niche – How To Find Most Profitable Niches As A Health Coach

Health Niche – how do you find the most profitable niches for your health coaching business?

What health niche should you choose for your health coaching business to start earning $5K-$20K per month?

They say riches are in the niches.

Getting clear on your coaching niches gets you on a much more accelerated path of profits and impact.


Because people like to buy specific solutions, not general ones. This is why you need to know how to find a niche, brainstorm your niche ideas and do your niche research.
Choosing the most profitable health niche and knowing what the most profitable online coaching niches are can set you apart from other coaches.

A clear and specific health niche will help you build your authority faster and also help you generate more income, providing you know how to market yourself and sell your offer.
So as you’re looking to transform other people’s lives and make money online with your health coaching business, choosing the right health niche needs to be the first step that you take.

For example: let’s say someone was diagnosed with gut health imbalances, like IBS.
Would they rather pay to see a general physician or would they prefer to see someone who actually specializes in IBS and gut health imbalances?

The more specific you can be about what you do for people, the easier it will be to get high ticket clients who will pay you a premium for your health coaching program.

The key to nailing your niche is to combine your urgency, passion and authority.

If you choose the right health niche as a coach, you’ll need to focus on solving, big, pressing problems that people need to solve now vs small and insignificant problems.
Want to know exactly how you can do it? Watch my video to discover how to choose a profitable health niche.

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  1. Niching down is so important so thank you for talking about this. I’m not in health coaching but I definitely learned something! 😁

  2. Thank you for this. This is really helpful . I am actually studying for my nutrition cert as we speak . I never thought about how specific we should be.

  3. Absolutely agree and it applies for other areas, sometimes it takes some experimenting and not being so "attached" to personal feeling and emotions. Your Niche triangle is a great way to get some clarity!

  4. Great advice for the health niche and all the others as well. I love the authority discussion for those that are new. You always have some authority. Thanks Yulia.

  5. Great video. Even though I’m not a health coach, To be able to niche down is a great lesson to learn! Thank you, so much!

  6. great video about the importance of niching down. it’s good to see the process you go through to niche down so i can go back and apply the same to my field

  7. I couldn’t agree more! It’s just so important to pick a specific niche in addressing what kind of health coach one has to be. I was once confused too and had to really focus my mind. This video is really helpful!

  8. Thank you this is very informative! I’m currently trying to choose my niche too lol Appreciate it

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  10. Being an authority in your niche is so important! You need to be the "top-of-mind-choice" for your potential customers 🙂

  11. Authority is something you can build 💯 great reminder! And the fact you only need to be a few steps in front of others 😍

  12. thanks, Julia! Finding the right niche and "niching down" is important to drive real business. appreciate the info!

  13. Great advice! I’ve definitely struggled with wanting to branch out and keep reminding myself to stay focused!

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