Healthy Foods That Will Make You Gain Weight Fast | The Foodie

Healthy Foods That Will Make You Gain Weight Fast | The Foodie

While most of us are always searching the internet, looking for ways to lose weight, did you also know that there are some healthy foods that might make you gain those extra pounds fast? While some of us who are conscious of adding more weight may avoid such recipes or ingredients, but there are also a few out there who want to gain weight & this video will be of special help to them. With this information about foods that make you gain weight fast, you can now start either restricting or expanding your diet. Whichever way you look at it, we hope that you enjoy watching this video & if you did, do leave us a comment in the comments section below.

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  1. 0:45 आपकी वीडियो बहुत ही ज्यादा अच्छी है पर आपने यह क्यों नहीं कहा कि हमें + Butter भी लेना चाहिए

  2. i’m literally gonna give UP. i dint know how to gain weight and my friends who eat less than me look normal but then there’s me, looking like a living twig. i hate this! i wanna be able to wear t shirts and jeans without it being lose i’m literally eating but nothing is helping. i swear if it’s genes i’m gonna..

  3. There are medicines that slow down your metabolism. Eat that with a high carb meal and you’ll probably gain weight.

  4. I’ve worked at a Dairy Queen for 9 years since I was 14 and the amount of times someone will tell me “eat a cheeseburger” LIKE SHUTUP that is the most annoying sentence to hear. one of my perks is I get free food while working because I’m assistant manager and I would never take advantage of that but I get FREE FAST FOOD AND ICECREAM and I’ve been 90-92 pounds for the last 3 years.. I cannot gain weight and all my favourite clothes are falling off of me 😭 can’t even wear my bras anymore, people see me and they are like “you are so tiny” it’s embarrassing, I can’t even post body pictures with my legs anymore

  5. My parents are forcing me to gain weight because I’m “to skinny” and stuff. My mom even said my face is to skinny even though I have been working in my jawline and she dosent give a shit

  6. I eat a lot and every time people see me I’m always eating something but I truly don’t gain weight. I eat as much as people twice my size and still not gaining weight I even workout intensely to where I can bench double my own weight so I’m not a victim to being bullied but I need to gain weight. Someone please help me gain weight.

  7. My friends said:
    -aw u are y’all and u can become a model…bcz u are skinny
    -u are beautiful but skinny
    – EVEN their parents said (can u consult a doctor for u to gain weight like it’s not normal)
    Me what I was thinking in my mind: "b*tch ur kids aren’t normal too, ur daughter is getting skinny too bcz if depression, ur boy have 11 fingers and he is also most skinny than me, ur little boy have mental problem, ur husband go to gym for flirt with young girls! So I’m skinny and it’s caused a problem to you !?!!"
    But what I said: oh it’s ok, I’m also eating normally like a normal human

  8. And the sad part is some of your family is always comparing u to others body like…sighs anyways
    May God bless u all stay safe

  9. the "why are you so skinny?" question grates my tits. I currently can’t look myself in the mirror . Gaining weight is soo hard. skinny shaming is real!

  10. Easy tip, weigh all your food and follow the nutritional facts on the back of packages so you know exactly how much to eat. Typically if you workout and are active 3k calories is good, if youre sedentary and dont do much and also depending on your height you can go for 2k-2.6k calories

  11. Thank you so much sir for such an informative video…I used to have the same problem and none of the supplements were effective..thankfully I got to know about Ayurvedic medicine which I took from Planet Ayurveda they gave me their supplements which help me to gain weight naturally thank you sir for the vedio.

  12. If you follow a good personalized diet like the Agoge diet, you do not even have to use supplements to build muscle.

  13. video and image content can be more useful when it comes to influencing search and social results. Nice efforts.

  14. I’m 97 pound and 5’2”, I quit smoking recently and now i try to fix my sleeping schedule and gain weight and work out, let see if this work.

  15. Coffee is terrible for gaining weight. Any caffinated beverage is. Coffee is also a diuretic, it causes you to have to use the restroom more. Instead drink milk in the morning with a decent breakfast. It will give you healthy real energy to start the day instead of fooling your brain into thinking you have energy. Caffine raises your metabolism and will burn calories more quickly. At night a full calorie beer or two an hour and a half before bed will put a few extra pounds, just don’t over do it.

  16. Same here as you skinny girl
    When someone ask me how are you? So my answer is I am fine but they said I don’t think so that you are
    You are as usual skinny

  17. I like healthy foods! I’m nutrition deficient, malnourished, and, food insecure. I need to eat three to four regular meals and two to three snacks in between to keep me from crashing. I haven’t eaten a meal since Wednesday October 6, 2021. I need a meal! Starving isn’t the right way to lose weight. 🏹

  18. I prefer myself looking for wrightgain than weightloss,i literally excercised and followed a diet for 1 month and gained it all back in k
    Less than a week

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