HEALTHY SKIN TIPS: diet + nutrition tips for clearer skin (science-backed)

HEALTHY SKIN TIPS: diet + nutrition tips for clearer skin (science-backed)

Healthy skin comes from within. In this video, which is the first part of a two-part healthy skin series, I will talk about specific nutrition and diet tips for healthy skin. These are tips I follow personally and they are all science-backed as well.

// This video is the first installment of the healthy skin series. The second installment will focus on lifestyle and skincare tips for healthier skin. //




TIP 1//

TIP 2//


TIP 3//

The Collagen Connection


TIP 4//


NutraVege™ Omega-3, Plant Based, Strawberry Orange / 6.8 fl oz (200 ml)

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Fruit and Veggie Facts

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  1. Great tips! The only other thing I would add is eat lots of healthy fats. You did mention omega 3s, which are great for the skin. Saturated fats are also very good for skin health. Do you supplement with collagen or just eat vitamin c to get your collagen?

  2. Love that you included "Eat a healthy diet" as part of your tips… i totally agree. I remember when i was eating more healthy foods my skin really glowed.

  3. good info without too much dribble.. an important and increasingly rare formula for keeping my atttention

  4. I don’t know what foods or drinks are irritating my skin or not because I’m just in a never ending breakout even though I obsess over eating healthy, drinking herbal teas and avoiding chemicals, it seems like I will have this curse forever 😓

  5. I’m ur new follower from India
    I feel u have very vast knowledge about skin
    Thanku so much for video
    But I have one doubt
    People take Omega 3 capsules who are vegetarian .Is it safe to consume capsules Will it harm our body in any way??

  6. So since refined sugar is so bad, not saying it’s good for me since it’s still high in sugar, but what are your thoughts on like cane sugar or coconut sugar or liquids like maple or raw honey? Aside from the high sugar content, do these "sugars" cause the same damage like wrinkles as the refined sugar does?

  7. A+ tips. Thanks! I would also stress a little more on having enough vitamins A, E, and B3 in food forms preferably…. Smoking and alcohol don’t help either…

  8. The best aspect of you is…..definitely your EYES…..probably in the top ten in the entire world….Maybe even number one..

  9. what are your toughts on multivitamines? I do eat a balanced diet, but still like to have an multivitmanine . I don’t go over 100% of the RDI.

  10. oh that was what i am waiting for .Lyfestyle ah Ilove life style very much and its important to mine life as food could u belive that??????hmmm

  11. My expectation was different but I’m happy with the info… I was expecting a list of food to eat 🤣🤣

  12. Madam thanks for your videos, they are very helpful.

    I want to know how to get rid of dark circles under eyes and puffy eyes.. as there are so many videos already but they don’t work…can you share something on this topic

  13. Just watch this and it is true.. I do a calorie restriction diet and after 3 months my hair start to fall out and I think my skin is getting rougher than it used to be. Starting to change my diet intake

  14. Mineral water evain salads and whole foods are all good 👍😊❤️ thank you lots of love from London Lawrence our beautiful son Simon and Anne Marie 💙❤️🌌🌃🐬💞💖😘

  15. If it wasn’t for chocolate I would eat little sugar,but I’m addicted, I try keep to a small quantities, but it makes Me happy,otherwise I’m quite good

  16. Thanks for your informative post, here area few more tips for people who might believe they have Rosacea.
    1. Do you really think you have Rosacea or have you been looking on the internet too much? It may be common, affecting up to one in ten people, but red faces are not always rosacea. Dermatologists often see patients who are worried that they may have developed rosacea, perhaps following a bit of internet searching, but they may actually have another condition altogether. Facial redness simply occurs because there in increased blood flow to the top part of the skin, perhaps because of inflammation, sun damage or fixed widening of vessels.
    2. Don’t panic great treatment is available. at the moment it is impossible to cure rosacea however it is extremely responsive to the right treatment and can often be completely controlled. Patients are often very worried when they come to see a Dermatologist that they may have a long-term progressive condition. People particularly worry about the development of a thickened nasal skin, a condition called rhinophyma.
    3. Don’t break the bank on cosmetics. Rosacea is a common condition which is often distressing. The cosmetics industry is worth billions of dollars. Unfortunately the claims that cosmetic companies make about their products being able to cure rosacea are mostly bogus. Cosmetics don’t reverse or reliably treat inflammatory rosacea, despite some companies’ extraordinary claims. So what does help? Simple cleansers and moisturisers like the Cetaphil range and sunblocks such as Anthelios, Sun Sense products or Altruist. Cover up foundations and powders and green-tinted moisturisers may also be helpful to cover redness and improve confidence.
    4. Consider Seeing A Dermatologist. Dermatologists are the trained skin specialists in the UK. If you have any concerns about diagnosis and management of your skin condition it is worth seeing a Dermatologist to obtain an expert opinion and place you on the right treatment path. The diagnosis of inflammatory conditions of the face can sometimes be difficult as conditions often overlap. New treatments are coming through all the time and complex treatments such as laser are best done by clinicians with relevant experience. In the UK you can check whether a doctor has completed Dermatology Specialist Training to become a Dermatologist on the specialist register of the General Medical Council. Look for ‘Dermatology’ under the doctor’s specialist register entry details.
    (I read these and why they work from Natural remedy blueprint website )

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  18. I have to be honest but new subscriber here! and I love listening to your voice. Your Topics is really interesting.
    from Philippines 😘

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