Healthy Snacking for Weight Gain

Healthy Snacking for Weight Gain

Deborah Gerzberg, RD is the Clinical Nutritionist at Columbia University Medical Center’s Pancreas Center. In the following video, Deborah offers up some quick snack ideas for anybody looking to gain weight in a healthy and nutritious manner.

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  3. healthy eating is essential. you also need to make sure you are slowly adding calories to your already regimented eating habits in order to see weight gain. you can’t just eat a lot of calories because if you do that you will just become fat and could possibly become sick. you need to exercise and lift the weight while doing just moderate cardio. eat in a slight excess of calories, in a small surplus of your total calories. the longer you weightlift and move your muscles the more you will build muscle, provided you are doing it correctly, and when this happens you supplement your muscle with calories, mainly protein and you will gain weight. it has to be done slowly.

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  9. When I was 11, I was about 5’5” – 5’7” and weighed somewhere between 85 – 90 kg, now I’m 16, approaching 6’1” and weigh 66 kg. Where the fuck did it all go and how do I get it back without snacking on nothing but dried fruit and sliced bananas.

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  21. 0:30 Banana/apple + peanut butter

    0:40 Nut butter/melted cheese on a toast/english muffin

    0:50 A full fat plain greek yogurt + berries + chopped nuts, granola (cinnamon drop of vanilla)

    1:17 Carrot bell, pepper, cellery, cheese dip

    1:30 Hard boiled egg + full fat mayonaise (seasoned paprika cumin salt peper parsley)

    1:39 Turkey breast + slices of avocado

    1:43 String cheese + grapes

    1:48 A whole milk cottage/ricotta(?) cheese + slices of strawberries + melons

    1:54 Chocolate milk

    – On the go:
    2:00 Nuts and dried fruit
    2:02 Nutritious bar (8g protein + 5g of fat)

  22. I want to gain weight but I am so picky so all these things are not for me, but I will try it again.

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  26. Snacks will lower your metabolism and you will grow into a DUFF soon. So if you are skinny or enough to fill your shirt. You are the best their is. Just eat clean and stay hydrated

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