How 7UP Used To Get You High

How 7UP Used To Get You High

How did 7UP go from treating hangovers to being used as a medication for BiPolar Disorder? 7up containing lithium was first used to help manic episodes for bipolar disorder, as well as marketed to cure the 7 kinds of hangovers! This drink has gone through a lot of revisions over the years but it still remains a staple today. Check out this wild story!

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  1. I thought the number seven refers to the atomic mass of lithium, which is about seven.

  2. I think probably every soda was created first to be medicinal but then they made them into what we have today not just Coca Cola,Dr pepper and 7up! I bet Pepsi and others are too!

  3. Lithium is on the WHO List of Essential Medicines. It’s not even a scheduled drug in the US. It’s prescription only though.

  4. It is now (1-7-22);
    And noticed that the grocery store shelves didn’t always have one of my favorite un-colas in stock:
    Looked it up of which about a year ago, there was an investigation regarding an health issue;
    Then recently looked it up again, of which a new ownership has decided to close down the 7up department…
    So if you are like me a 7up person? I am stocking up.
    The competition is ‘Sprite’ -basically both have the same taste and flavor.
    But I think the failure is not enough advertising.

  5. This is actually my favorite soda with pizza. This is a wild story, can’t believe this was used to treat hangovers haha

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  7. When I was a child I owned a pair of jeans with 7Up logo on it . It had a red bubble on them. I loved those jeans.

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