How CBD Oil Impacts the Body

How CBD Oil Impacts the Body

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Dr. Sanjay Gupta explains how the medical community is using CBD oil, even though it’s still considered illegal at the federal level. Find out how CBD impacts the body and if it can be beneficial.

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  1. One million views wow a lot of people want to know about CBD I did a review on it. I have less anxiety and I feel better more people should take CBD because it works.

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  5. I have really bad stress and tension headaches and there was no way of getting rid of them even taking 2 tablests of 500mg tylenol the headache wouldnt go away. My mom said I should try CBD Oil, I put it under my tough for 30 seconds and it made me relax and my muscles in my neck relax and the headaches went away I was so happy I almost broke into tears the relief of pain was amazing. I get about 1 headache a week still but CBD Oil under the tough fixes it and allows me to do my job and have a social life.

  6. You may want to tell people that the CDC is not part of the government, though they act like they are. The CDC is a company like Microsoft.

  7. Cbd is a placebo. It literally doesnt do anything at all except taste like weed which is gross

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  11. I’ve been hearing so much about this. I used to be a stoner I would smoke the time I got up to the time I went to bed then I got into drinking and id smoke then one day I didn’t feel okay I felt my heart racing me getting dizzy I just didn’t feel alright I felt really scared like I was gonna die from that day on me smoking weed just made me anxious I don’t know exactly what triggered it but when I smoke THC I get anxious also I did have withdrawals from the marijana if I would of heard about this before I would of been tried. I’m going to definitely try this out. Alot of good reviews I will leave my review in the comment sections once I try it out. ☺️

  12. U should do an episode on what CBD products have 💯 CBD oil from the fake ones out there !!!!

  13. They have all the studies. They lying. The US & Switzerland actually know it will cure cancer. But they cant keep screwing everyone over if they admit it. Use you r own critical thinking.

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  17. People need to understand thc and cbd. A joint pot has mostly the very little cbd. True medicinal cbd has mostly cbd but needs about 10percent thc for medicinal use. Can’t get high. It doesn’t work on all pain it works on inflammation that causes pain. It works on seizures. It helps with cancer numbers. Not by smoking. People who smoke a joint & say they don’t feel pain it’s cause they’re stoned not cbd too low of cbd. Just like drunks feel no pain. But if not processed properly or in the proper oil(not alcohol) its useless. If the bottle says 500mg it’s probably burned off in processing so only govt approved medicinal is processed proper and works. Speaking from experience. Put my lupus in remission along with diet off prescriptions now off cbd

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  19. I’ve had so many different cbd stuff & have taken about 20 gummies at once, oil, flowers, smoke able cbd IT DOESN’T help my pain,my insomnia, anxiety. NONE OF IT WORKS FOR ME!!!! ITS A JOKE, TYLENOL IS BETTER THAN CBD.

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  21. I have used Weedborn CBD products and have healed without any problems. Now my whole family is healthy.

  22. My oldest daughter suffered from seizures. I started giving her CBD oil and she hasn’t had ONE seizure in two years!! My baby girl had anxiety and I started her on CBD she is more focused and has no anxiety she is calm and can process things more clearly. I am a believer

  23. in real, CBD is gr8 gift for human. it’s best anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety and multi-beneficiary products.

  24. CBD has helped me with sleep, pain and anxiety. I highly recommend anyone try it. I get mine from eden’s herbals.

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  26. It’s great to see this… I have healed myself as well. Weedborn oils have helped me a lot.

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