1. uff!! why they can’t make any healthy beverages?? No matter what you buy, it has either loads of sugar or dangerous chemicals…..

  2. When I realized how much sugar there is in 180ml of Red, normal Coca Cola, I was socked at how much I was damaging myself. I drink Coca Cola zero sugar for years now. It’s completely sugar free and is not destructive to your health.
    In industrial fruit juices, there is a lot and a lot of added sugar which is not worth the taste and the drink. It’s better to eat the fruits themselves. All of these industries are just trying to take money by creating an unhealthy, addictive taste. These industries have to change or be closed. According to Healthline, Americans don’t see how much fat they are putting in their diet.

  3. Much better than coca cola zero sugar is homemade lemonade from 1/2 lemon, 1/2 l water and 2 tsp sugar. Or put honey instead of sugar, is more healthy and delicious. You can drink how much u want.

  4. Lol dw abt all this just get zero calorie or diet soda, if you notice she said we think it “MAY” impact gut health and it “MAY” cause other problems, so it’s all hypothesis, I say if u want one a day it’s zero calorie and no sugar and it honestly doesn’t taste much different so it’s much better in the long run

  5. This scared the living shits outta me, but it also showed me how Americans would rather use cubes than grams. Shows how scared Americans are of the metric system then soda.

  6. At one time in my life, I had a mountain of bottles of Mountain Dew in my house. I pray to God that my kidneys get spared, despite that.

  7. You see there is no Pepsi there but coke is there what Americans love that makes them Violent even kill for Popeye’s Chicken Sandwiches

  8. Okay I was expecting like 40 or 50 cubes of sugar in Mountain Dew. Only 19? That ain’t bad at all. I’ll keep drinking it.

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