How to Dose CBD Based On Your Specific Health & Wellness Needs. Doctor Jack Episode 12

How to Dose CBD Based On Your Specific Health & Wellness Needs. Doctor Jack Episode 12

Things you need to know to get to the right dosage of CBD for you.

Thank you for checking out this video! You are awesome! I am Doctor Jack, a board-certified anesthesiologist and pain management physician in practice since 2008. My goal is to have fun while educating on all things health, wellness, and medical related. The goal is to thrive in life and not just survive. I hope you enjoy the content! Be kind, keep everything in perspective, and stay safe! Pura Vida!!!

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Time Stamps
0:00 Introduction
2:47 How to Approach Dosing
5:39 Standard Dosage
6:48 What Smokers and Habitual THC Users Should Know
7:34 How Quality of Your CBD Makes All the Difference
10:11 Microdosing vs Macrodosing?
11:27 Wrapping it Up and My Suggestions

***List of CBD videos and order I suggest watching them*** – My opinion as a pain physician on CBD and introduction to the channel – How Safe is CBD? – What Makes a High-Quality CBD? – How CBD Works – What’s the Best Way to Take CBD? Oral vs Inhaled vs Sublingual vs Transdermal.–XFINy_-Q CBD Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum vs Isolate. What’s the Difference?

The CBD I use and trust is Green Compass. – What Medicine Has Taught Me About Life. A personal journey that has shown me perspective in life. – Things you should know about colon cancer.

The content in this video is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical consultation for diagnosis or treatment. All content, including text, graphics, images, and information, contained in this video is for general educational purposes only and does not replace a discussion with your own doctor or healthcare professional.


  1. I’ve read numerous articles saying that CBD can help with Essential Tremors. Is this true? If so I will need to get some for my grandmother so she can eat normally again.

  2. So my dosage is about 140mg on high end since I weight 240. So how do you break up the dosage? Twice per day or is it better three times per day? How many hours dose a dosage last?

  3. If I’ve had anxiety and depression for over 7 years how long roughly do you think I’d need to take CBD consistently to notice an effect? Ive taken it for a couple weeks and I haven’t noticed much difference other than feeling more drowsy sometimes.

  4. This was amazing Dr thanks for all the information. Cbd products has helped me out much. How you take it was my key part in your video. I noticed it depends on my element I’m dealing with. I have server spinal damage so a combo works of injesting it by edibles and oils full spectrum. For depression, and anxiety it’s vape and smoking it.

  5. I started taking 30mg twice a day morning and night. I have lightheadedness and seem abit zoned out during the day and also seem to have mild insomnia. Does it take several weeks to get used too then the side effects should subside? On a positive note my anxiety has drastically reduced

  6. For orientation, if anyone is a complete beginner. I am 20 year old female, weigh 57kg (bmi 18-19) and i take 4 drops of 10% cbd oil occasionally in the evening if i have anxiety. Below that, i dont feel anything and i also dont feel anything if i take the same dose and didnt have any anxiety before. If anyone needs a rough orientation at what might work for them, if they have similar values as me 🙂 But as the doctor said, see what works for you, this could be a starting point 🌟

  7. I read a study on pubmed (nih) that was using 600mg at once for anxiety dosing. Seemed like a lot so I figured I’d find the half life of it in your body and 3 days seems to be average. Basically, I came up with 100-150mg per day (half life•2•100mg = 600) to keep a regimen for anxiety. That still seems like a lot though. You could probably do half that depending on your level of anxiety

  8. hello Jack ,I just want to ask how much should I take for chronic pain(lumbar and cervical) and for weight loss …I weight 140 pre-diabetic and having a hard time losing weight .I tried exercising but due to my pain I can’t do it everyday. Food control but because I am in pre-menopausal its hard. I bought a 1000 mg. Thank you .And I enjoy you video.

  9. Hello, you said that is better if it has thc in it, how much thc is recommended for anxiety and depression? my daughter is 15

  10. It can lead to some insomnia. I just recently stared a regimen for back pain. I slept no more than 4 hours a night. The strange thing is I have taken CBD off and on since 2010. Never had the insomnia problem from it. I googled it and it seems many people are having the same side effect. Definitely do not take it in the evening or at night if it is causing insomnia.

  11. "Good health lies in knowing true medicine"
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  12. How long will a 500mg bottle last if taking 1/2 dropper in AM and 1/2 dropper at night? I couldn’t find or remember what dose the dropper is.

  13. Thanks for another great, informative video!

    So I’ve always told customers that if they take too much CBD at one time they won’t OD, but instead they may feel more anxious if taking it for anxiety or restless of taking it for sleep. Because taking too much for the body to metabolize will have opposite desired benefits. Am I correct on this?

  14. Great video. I am in the business of manufacturing CBD products, so I know how hard it is to explain dosing great job!!!

  15. Dr.would you suggest I use oil for anxiety/depression? I take.gummies from a brand named Alchemy Lunchbox
    Is this a good brand?

  16. Great video. Another dosing question for you. When starting out on a product with CBD and THC, do you dose on both components or just with THC. I’m a pharmacist starting a new job at a dispensary and I know they start at 2.5 or 5 mg there and I just need clarification. thanks!

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