How To Eat 2000 Calories A Day to Gain Weight

How To Eat 2000 Calories A Day to Gain Weight

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How to eat 2000 calories a day to gain weight

Eating to gain weight is not easy when you try it for the first time nor is it easy to do in the right way. In this video, I show you how to gain weight on a 2000 calorie meal plan with majority of the meals being healthy foods. Although this 2000 calorie diet plan is more towards females, males can give this meal plan a try if they need to gain weight. with high levels of healthy carbs, you are almost guaranteed to gain some pounds. Just make sure that some sort of exercise is included… so any excess fat is burned!

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  1. I may be the most unusally subscriber I subscribe to your channel for my son {20} a long story short he has Asperger and 2 years ago after a 2nd big loss he gave up eating anyways it been a long road and he is doing better and I had to not this meal plan but making sure he was going up to 1200 calories plus right amount for fibre, protein and looking a different sites medical ones where to much more facts and reason and was not needing all that other had foods my son will not even touch or it was all protein shakes with pills and I do not mind protein shake he drinks them but I wanted more food not drink 3 +shakes a day so I some how came upon your channel and it seemed you was the only channel that I liked you had actual food and you broke it all down and no big lectures haha I have been following your meals plans and snack changing few things here and there and my son doing a whole lot better I this wanted to say this mom appreciates the videos you make they made a big difference for us and I no longer doing 3 hour meals plans each week and I even recommend your channel to others in our group a big Thanks you

  2. Omg. This just seems like I’d be eating all day long. I barely eat one meal a day and a snack. I never feel hungry

  3. Am like 48.5kg but my legs and arms are really skinny so does it work to gain weight on legs and arms?

  4. So a day in my meal is :cup of milk a normal meal for dinner then water at night how much calories is that

  5. 2,000/2,500 is typical just in a general in take you are supposed to eat daily without weight loss or weight gain involved lol if you want to gain eat 3,000 or more

  6. Thank you very much excellent video and your explanation, experience and expertise will help me reach my weight gain goals in my butt ;(;)

  7. They say men need to consume about 2,000 calories a day to maintain their weight. But, how am I supposed to do that without consuming more than 36g of sugar, 1500mg of sodium, and 56g of protein?

  8. I think that orange has only 45(if it’s small size) to 60( if it’s Medium size) calories and not 100 calories!!

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