How to Follow a Healthy Vegetarian Diet | Superfoods Guide

How to Follow a Healthy Vegetarian Diet | Superfoods Guide

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What would be some suggestions on following a healthy vegetarian diet. Many clients I’ve worked with are vegetarians but they are not getting the nutrition that they need from their food choices. So basically the main challenge with a vegetarian diet is that you are eliminating animal protein — that’s land animals and sea animal protein — from your diet. The number one thing you need to do is understand the alternative sources of protein available to you. The primary alternative sources would be grains like quinoa which is a complete protein; lentils and beans which are also not only proteins but they are low in fat and iron fiber; nuts and seeds. And you want to make sure that you’re crowding this protein into your diet on a regular basis. The next thing you need to do is to, you need to make sure that you have wide variety of vegetables in your diet. It’s really important that you are choosing from you know green vegetables, red vegetables be it red peppers, yellow vegetables be it squash — think of the colors of the rainbow and put a variety of vegetables in your diet and you know you are getting nutrients that way. The next thing would be whole grains. Many Americans, vegetarians and non-vegetarians, do not get enough whole grains in their diet so a staple in a vegetarian diet it would be things like brown rice, quinoa, barley, couscous, spelt — there is a whole list of whole grains for you to experiment with and choose from to make sure that you are getting a balanced diet. So just because you eliminated animal protein, which can be higher in fat than non-animal protein, doesn’t mean you necessarily have a healthy diet. So make sure you are paying attention to your food choices and balancing your meals appropriately.


  1. I’m a biologist, who eats meat and occasionally dairy (meat and dairy should be taken in moderate amounts if you care about your health) and I’m not impressed by the nutritional advice given… I hear bad advice from vegans who simply want to reduce suffering yet cause more of it through bad advice, for example adopting a carnivorous pet and expecting it to survive on a vegan diet.

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  6. I asked myself questions about this video.
    How could she list grains before lentil?
    Do the ratios of energy to protein, is lentil not considerably better?
    Then why is a grain listed before something we clearly know has more protein it?
    Thank you, and think freely.

  7. I decided to become a vegetarian because I saw a video of little baby chicks being put up to slaughter and just, how terribly they were treated.. I couldn’t stomach meat anymore knowing how much pain they go through to be put in my food. I just… no 😢

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  11. I just started my process to become a vegetarian and I have little to no clue what’s best for me, expect to not eat meat.

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  13. Lmao @ the comments……"I’m a vegan!" …nice, I’m a molecular biologist….who eats relatively inferior animals.

  14. This helped me a lot. I want to lose wight. And i needed a diet. And vegetarian sounds awesome. I hope i will stay vegetarian too.

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  17. I’m writing a graphic memoir about my mother, and I was wondering if you or anyone else could tell me, if someone never ate green lettuce, seafood, nuts, or seeds, what nutrient do you think they may be lacking?

  18. In a book by Nancy Appleton, PhD, she states that "all protein – whether meat, wheat, or vegetable protein- has the same chemical configuration". All protein is the same. It’s not about "animal protein" (animals need protein just as we, and they get it by eating plants, wink wink), but about vitamin B, that you don’t get in plants. Fats in meat are not healthy, especially fried. No fiber also.
    Keep eating various foods and get you B’s and you are good to go without meat.

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  26. Some other nutrients potentially lacking in a vegetarian diet are iron, zinc, calcium, vitamin B12 and vitamin D.

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