How To Make a Healthier Lemonade or Limeade ? – Dr.Berg On Keto Lemonade

How To Make a Healthier Lemonade or Limeade ? – Dr.Berg On Keto Lemonade

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Dr. Berg talks about healthy lemonade. This healthy ingredient is actually beneficial to prevent kidney stones or gout. Instead of drinking regular lemonade with a high amount of sugar, try this instead:
Dr. Berg’s favorite healthy lemonade:
8oz of Carbonated water (Dr. Berg’s favorite: S. Pellegrino) or water)
1-3 oz.Italian Volcano lemon juice
1 dropper of regular or lemon-flavored stevia

Enjoy this healthy lemonade drink!

Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
Dr. Berg, age 55, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg’s Nutritionals. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.


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  1. Dr. Berg I m from.Ecuador, you being a lot of help to mi, I lost 27 pounds, and i stop taking medicines i feel ver good. Thank you.

  2. You can add some Himalayan pink salt and a hint of black pepper to it. That’s what I’ve been drinking for like a month now.

  3. I have stumbled on a really good Almost Grapefruit electrolyte drink made In a 16 oz glass jar.

    4 capsules of potassium citrate 99mg or higher
    2 TBS apple cider vinegar w/ mother
    1 TBS of lemon juice
    1/2 TBS beet juice
    2 TBS pineapple juice
    1/2 pinch of pink Himalayan salt
    Structured water- or your choice of clean water.

    If you need to make the juices first by squeezing the lemon, processing the pineapple, and boiling clean quartered beet root in filtered water for 20-25 min. Use the water and keep the beets for a salad.

    Next open capsules and dissolve potassium citrate into the lemon and pineapple juice by stirring till thickened. Add salt and stir till dissolved

    Put citrus mix, ACV, and beet juice into the bottle and add water till nearly full. Shake a bit to mix (will froth up a little). Cool in fridge, shake and drink. It tastes amazing, has less than .5 mg sugar in the whole jar which is used by the mother, has lots of digestive enzymes, potassium, vit C, trace minerals etc. I would drink it with a meal, when I get lethargic between meals, or after I work out.

    Disclaimer: I am not trying to lose weight- just manage nutrition so if you are wanting a full hard ketosis use Dr. Bergs recipe.

  4. I have a question Dr. Berg, it is beneficial Limes as well? what would be the difference between lemons and Limes? In addition, how this would affect the accidicity in your body? I have this concern and I do not know what to do. For the minerals and electrolytes, I add Himalayan Pink Salt (a pinch per one cup of water), some lime juice, cucumber slices and I bit of un-pasteurized raw honey. What do you think? I used to drink just plain water 8 glasses per day, until I learned about this whole thing. I just discovered you yesterday, and you are extremely great, thank you for sharing such a beneficial information for health and wellbeing!

  5. I got the volcanic lime juice you recommended but it’s not lemon like I thought it’s lime. Is that still just as good??????? Please answer!!!

  6. I was making my lime-aid so strong that it was eating my stomach lining and calcifying my teeth. And, it actually wasn’t even that "strong"! So be careful!!!

  7. Try this recipe: 2 spoons of Dr. Berg’s Electrolyte powder, two freshly squeezed lime, 1.5oz of top shelf Tequila, cup of sparkling water, crushed ice — healthiest cocktails you can ever have. (caution: might cause mild buzz)

  8. Dear Dr Berg, Could YOU MAKE A vIDEO ON CAN You Avoid Catching cold FRom. A family. Member, is it possible, and what exercise can you do with a sore throat but no fever. Many thanks Fm 42Dublin

  9. If you add to mix of mineral / sparkling water + lemon juice Sea salt ( just a pinch or depending on your taste ) instead of stevia it will be very refreshing drink as well . Plus adding salt make a chemical reaction in the drink like a volcano and look …. cool 😎
    Thank you Dr. Berg for everything !

  10. carbonated drinks Cause osteoporosis & other nutritional deficiency diseases as they neutralize stomach acid.

  11. What about Micheal Gregor talking about eggs and cholesterol Im eating 3 eggs every single day … I watched tons of videos of yours on eggs but while listening to Micheal Gregor I stop consuming eggs again what about your thoughts on it pls make a video on it I’m from Pakistan

  12. I make my own limenade with fresh limes, still mineral water, a bunch of  fresh mint leaves, and stevia ! So refreshing and yummy !! love your videos Dr. Berg 🙂 xx from Portugal

  13. Hi Dr. Berg, love your videos, thank you *so* much for all the content and information you provide us. Could you please make a video about coffee consumption and gut health/leaky gut? Cheers!

  14. I was going to order this, however it says there is sugar on the back, is that just naturally what’s from the lime.. ?! As I am doing keto..

  15. Freshly squeezed juice from 3 whole organic lemons in 1 gallon water and 3-4 packets stevia. Mix and refrigerate. So good

  16. I had 2 Kidney Stones surgeries and Carbonated beverages are a no no! No pop or carbonated water for me. I have been sneezing 12 fresh lemons and adding to a gallon of distilled water since 2012, no sweetener but liquid stevia would be okay.

  17. Why would anyone want to be on a diet that causes kidney stones, gallstones and gout. Watch What the Health on Netflix stat!

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