How to manage Covid-19 at home | Natural Remedies & treatments

How to manage Covid-19 at home | Natural Remedies & treatments

As soon as my husband began exhibiting coronavirus symptoms, I jumped into “fix it” mode. Both of us have background in health and wellness, so we took to natural remedies. Here is a video detailing the remedies that worked well for us, not only providing relief from the symptoms, but stopping the spread among family members. I hope this video is helpful to you and that you will share it with a friend or family member in need!

Be encouraged. Check out my website for full remedy recipes. Stay healthy! Love to all. Stay safe and connected online.

Vitamin C Study:

Immune Boosting Green Smoothie Recipe:

Flu Bomb + Recipe:

Breathing Treatment Directions:

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Vitamin C 1,000 MG:
Vitamin D:

Food ingredient recommendations:

Garlic (fresh in food or used as a tonic, or pill form on Amazon:
Curcumin (found in Turmeric):

* Medical Disclaimer. … The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding Covid-19.*


❤︎ Who I am: I am a young mom and wife, who believes in holistic health, happiness and the search for perfect inner peace. After “going natural” in 2011, cutting all my hair, and then “going vegan” in 2014, I found happiness, freedom and so much more. Embracing yourself, whole-heartedly and becoming the best YOU, you can be is an important journey! I can truly say that I have found health, and I hope, by sharing my experiences, advice, recipes and lifestyle tips, you can become holistically healthy too.


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  1. I appreciate this video so much. Can someone please chat with me. My husband and I both might have covid. I am absolutely freaking out. I am doing all the natural things I can.

  2. I just subscribed and found this information very useful. Thank you so much! I also just went to your website and it’s not coming up from your links?

  3. Praise God &thank you for this information.if I may share with everyone my son & I survived covid 19 at home using:4000 units vitamin c daily, breathing steam twice daily from one garlic clove, turmeric capsule, ginko biloba ,350 mg asparin every 4 hours, one multiple vitamin, fresh Echinacea hot tea, ginger tea in tea bags, honey , this saved our lives with no lasting serious health problems, meaning my son lost his taste for 6 months. I’ve since added to our c19 survival pack :pineapple juice,vitamins d3, a, zinc.& herbs : osha, astragulus & elderberry(capsules)please don’t attempt to collect your own elderberry from the wild.ive lost my wife & brother to covid 19 & both trusted the hospital& both was badly mistreated. Also both had prior complications, my wife had copd & drank alcohol frequently & my brother had diabetes, lupus anticoagulant& was obese & arterial peripheral dieses’ .im 54 years old & does not smoke & I drink beer only about once a month & I exercise daily.
    Please consider staying at home to fight c19 because what i seen my 2 loved ones experience was not pretty or fair. 💘 love&peace to all❤🙏✌

  4. The following helped squash a throat infection. I’m curious how it may help those with covid. It’s worth a try!

    Onion Tea – natural antibiotic, antioxidant, sleep aid, immunity booster, bronchial health.

    1 onion chopped
    Garlic bulb chopped
    Handful allspice/pimento
    Handful cloves
    1 bayleaf

    In saucepan, boil spices and bayleaf for 5 minutes. Add onion and garlic and boil altogether for 5 min. Drink every 3-4 hrs and before bed. Sweet with honey for extra anti-bacterial benefits. Adjust amount of ingredients according to potency needed.

  5. GREENTEA 🍵 has something in it that breaks the covid proteins, please google this is based on a studies and truth. Please, get some green tea!!!

  6. I had covid in December 2019. I now have the delta variant. I am taking Quercetin zinc and vitamin D plus my concoction that contains loads of vitamin c.

  7. I find it Very Strange and Alarming,, Even before there was a vaccine for Covid, not one person that I have ever heard of in the media came out and said make sure your immune system is healthy make sure you’re eating your fruits and vegetables and if your diet isn’t good make sure you’re supplementing with vitamin C vitamin D zinc, these things are scientifically proven to support your immune system! Never heard a word about anything natural as far as vitamins and minerals Used to help support your immune system and fight Covid!

  8. Dr udoka on YouTube has the best herbal remedy to get you cured of herpes virus,am finally free after using his herbal supplement

  9. First time seeing you guys, lovely couple with a handsome, cute son. I have subscribe because of anything vegan always peek my interest. Blessings

  10. I did the steam and the shot and instantly got a stuffy nose. That didn’t help with my anxiety . Was this a coincidence?

  11. Thanks god bless yal and the baby!?love 😁❤ thats what am talking about the natural way.and we have to eat rich fruits and vegetables and lot water!and for colds also .and take no man made jabs boosters?

  12. Should I put a lid on it if I’m supposed to try and make it boil over medium heat instead of high heat? And can I reuse ingredients throughout my day?

  13. I have no words to express what Dr. Ado on YouTube channel did for me for curing my herpes infection without delay.

  14. Vita D is also important very important.
    You did great with your family, girl!
    Did you seek medical attention?
    How long were you sick?
    Thanks for your testimony and great tips! Glad you made it for your AWESOME family!

  15. Great video… some of the items you mentioned I also include in my daily diet regimen, but I still learned much. Oh, I also take D3.

    Was wondering if you stopped nursing when you felt your body was compromised?

    Also… a few times during the vid, ur husband was really into stuff tht I wanted to hear… and u CUT him off. U should work on controlling tht impulse… just saying 🤔

  16. Hi I have pneumonia and covid. How long should I continue with these remedies? Please respond ASAP 🙏🏾God Bless

  17. Thank You so much, one of my favorite videos,,,God Bless You mightily for truly helping people which we all need ❤ 😊 🙏

  18. I appreciate your feedback. Thank You 🙏♥️ 💐

    Kindly Please if I say this, please let your husband finish his sentence, your jumping in when he’s talking and trying to finish his sentence is Extremely rude and Disrespectful…Awareness is a key ..♥️ God bless you both and your Precious baby 👶🏼 ♥️♥️😀👍

  19. I had it bad in January I used an old method my mum used when we were water in a bowl 1 teaspoon of vick vapour rub put a towel over your head and breath in the vapours as long as you can stand it I did this 3 times a day..and also stayed in a hot shower lots of steam for as long as possible helped me big time..
    I made fresh queezed lemon grated ginger and honey hot drinks & took a one 400 paracetamol & one 400 ibuprofen together morning noon & night till my temperature was worked for me…zinc vitamin D3 with k2 & 1000mg of vitamin C is what you need to keep in your system make sure its of the purest form & quality, I caught covid because my vitamin D levels were deficient I was told this by a consultant, now I take all 3 vitamins religiously I first take a codliver oil capsule then the vit D together those 3 vitamins are essential in fighting viral infections especially in winter months.

  20. Beautiful family…thank you so much for sharing. I really appreciate this video! So happy you were able to recover & your family is doing ok. Grace & peace to you’ll 💕

  21. Did you guys lose your taste and smell ? And if so did you take anything or do anything that helps get that back ?

  22. Thank you both I sent this to my niece she just got covid I take alot of herbal medicine I’m wondering why the medical field doesn’t say anything about this they making alot of money thanks again you are a god send

  23. It always trigger my happiness knowing that I am cured of Herpes virus in using DR MADIDA herbal medicine I heard about on YouTube. I am glad that I listen to Dr Madida.

  24. Wow thank you B.Natural B great information… beautiful family… i pray that you’ll are doing well…
    Thank god you’ll survive the Coronavirus..😭😭

  25. I take zinc and vitamin c daily so thank you my dr also suggested pulmicort puffer to help with breathing

  26. I cant praise God enough for the internet i just find out that one of friend caught this plandemic being vegan i want to use only natural remedy so i praise God God for your tips

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