How to Not Diet and Lose Weight Permanently in 2020

How to Not Diet and Lose Weight Permanently in 2020

When we ring in a new year, we set new goals. Weight loss is a huge one for many of us. We want to lose 10, 20, 30 lbs. We decide we will go on Weight Watchers, start a keto diet, paleo, intermittent fasting, diet supplements or whatever the current diet trend may be. The reality is that not all diets are made the same nor do they help people the same way. Another stark fact is that 95% of diets fail!?!! Why does that happen? It’s because we plan for the short and fast term, not for the long term.

If you want to lost weight permanently, you have to make a lifestyle change and adopt new healthier habits. You have to want to do this and not want to turn back to your old ways. I have researched 5 ways that can lead to permanent weight loss for you. It’s not going to be easy (it’s not terrible either) and it won’t be overnight (no immediate satisfaction – sorry!). But it is possible.

You deserve to live a long and healthy life. If you have chosen this video that means you are serious about creating the change. So go do it!

Here are some books we recommend:

Love Real Food
By Kathryne Taylor

How Not To Die
By Michael Greger, MD and Gene Stone

Life-Changing Foods
By Anthony William

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  3. I eat once a day but I sleep all day too! Like I would stay up till like 6am and wake up around dinner time is that ok? Someone plz tell me if this is ok or if would help me lose weight?🥺

  4. Does Custokebon Secrets really work? I see a lot of people keep on talking about Custokebon Secrets. But I’m uncertain if it’s good enough to lost a ton of fat.

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  7. Yeah, I too am guilty of jumping from weight loss plan to others as well, I think that I must have tried every single weight-loss method that was available, but eventually not one of them made it easier for me to shed and keep the weight off. I ended up trying for the very last time using the Custokebon Secrets simply because my mate who told me incredible things about it and so far to date I’ve successfully lost 18 pounds in 4 weeks!

  8. Do anybody know about Custokebon Secrets? Does it work? I hear a lot of people burn their weight with this popular weight loss diet plan.

  9. Does Custokebon Secrets really work? I notice lots of people keep on speaking about Custokebon Secrets. But Im uncertain if it’s good enough to lost tons of fat.

  10. I tried working out and eating healthy but I kept rocking back and forth from 56 to 56.6 , 56.4 and so on, I can’t seem to break out of the 56 range 😭

  11. Does Custokebon Secrets (just google it) help me lost a lot of fat? I notice lots of people keep on speaking about this popular weight loss diet plan.

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  13. *-14 кг зa 3 недели не пpедел!! И килогpаммы не возвpaщаютcя, мнe пoмoгло это cpeдствo ***

  14. I couldn’t stop eating without stopping and I was starting to look fatter 🐮 than normal, but thanks to Keto I lost more than 70 pounds with keto in my first year, no rebounds, it’s sustainable Thanks to Keto today I feel great !! always satisfied and sure of myself.🥰👩🏽 Today is my day 480. 🙌🏾

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  17. Its very difficult to lose weight in my family.My parents follow the keto diet.They will tease me for being overweight .now when ill make a mindset not to eat they will force me to eat more if they find out that Im trying to lose weight.idk what to do.

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  24. i searched up my goal body and put it as my home screen might sound crazy but it motivated me i think u guys should try it

  25. I put on weight during quarantine I’ve tried to stay healthy and workout but I can’t even fit into any of my pants anymore😔

  26. Great video. I agree that it’s about being systematic in your approach and change your lifestyle. Dieting is not good if it’s not a permanent thing.

    For me I had to really change my food intake, especially after a serious running injury. Between changing workouts, smaller portions, and trying some new supplements have all helped me the last few months. Here’s the supplement link if anyone is interested.

  27. I eat once a day but I sleep all day too! Like I would stay up till like 6am and wake up around dinner time is that ok? Someone plz tell me if this is ok or if would help me lose weight?🥺

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