How To Track Your Calories & Tips For Beginners

How To Track Your Calories & Tips For Beginners

How To Count Calories Guide:
How To Lose Weight & Find Your Goals:

For just a few minutes a day you can guarantee you’ll reach your goals! Here is How To Track Your Calories and a few tips that I’ve learned throughout the years!

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  1. Hello sir i am a beginner and i was starting my calorie deficit but i just find out after lunch i almost ate liks 1,300 when i only need 1,500 i am scared i might get fat huhuhu

  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH for talking about this!! The info being wrong and inaccurate sometimes when entering food in the app. I be so lost and frustrated with this and stuck❤

  3. How can I track food that isn’t made by me like from a friend ? Something that doesn’t give a label with the calories I find that hard

  4. My issue is that it’s hard to calculate calories for things like 37 grams of tomatoes or onions Or 10 grapes . I dont eat 100 grams of green peppers in one meal so this is driving me bonkers

  5. I don’t know if this is a stupid question but how do you know exactly how much calorie you’re eating? For example how do you know that the rice you had is 5oz or 1cup?

  6. so i tried to use myfitnesspal but i’m 14 and i’m guessing bc of some legal stuff it doesn’t allow anyone born after 2000, any recommendations of similar apps that are free?

  7. Maybe someone here can help… I work 9h/day and order lunch at the office. I mostly have to do guesswork when tracking, especially with quantity since I try to order as simple as possible (grilled meat, rice with vegetables, baked potato, etc). Is there an average margin of error? Let’s say I’m going for 2000 a day so I set the app at 1800 to give myself 200 for undercounting… guess I’m stressing too much and not having patience to track the scale for a few weeks and judge by the results 🙂

  8. My main problem with these apps is the fact any food can be modified, whether it contains extra ingredients or less. I can’t ever find the version of the actual meal I have eaten, so I end up clicking on a more ”caloric” one.

  9. can you please by answers these questions.

    for one how is weighing more accurate then measures, for example I scooped enough rice to cover my plate of rice and then placed the plate on a scale wouldn’t the weight of the rice alone be inaccurate as the scale is also weighing the plate? if that’s the case what can I do to measure the nutrition of the rice that’s on my plate?

  10. THE most annoying thing about calorie tracking is cup "measurements". It’s not a real measurement, stop F*ing pushing it!

  11. The shitty fucking app you recommended won’t let me sign up because I’m 16. I WANNA LOSE WEIGHT GODDAMN IT, I’M FAT AS SHIT

  12. What to do if i dont even know whats the name of the food and lets say the food is not straight up from the store?

  13. Should I weigh the food uncooked or cooked?
    I was weighing my food uncooked then adding the amount of calories for the oil I use.

    e.g; 100 grams of chicken breasts have 165 calories and 1 tablespoon of ghee has 120 calories, I would add them up.
    Am I doing it right or wrong?

  14. This was the most helpful video I found on YouTube. Great content; straight to the point, well organised, professional and simple.

    Subscribed, thank you.

  15. Counting calories and setting goals for protein completely changed my physique in 6 months and lost 10, a total game changer. 1.5 years on and still going strong, improving my physique steadily on a flexible dieting approach 💪🏻☀️🍫🍎🤗

  16. I think I might have aced my new years resolution. I am watching this channel, I am working out 6 days a week, look better than ever before… What a time to be alive.

  17. I’m glad you’re back! I got off the wagon with fitness and now seeing your videos motivates me to get back on it! Thanks Derek! 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  18. Day 3 of counting my calories so this is a perfectly timed video… & as I was skimming through the comments, I second the request "Please make a healthy coleslaw recipe"😁
    Appreciate your videos!

  19. you’re cool. subscribed in the first few minutes of the video even though it’s my first time seeing anything from you 😀 I can smell quality haha

  20. My mother told me ,it was not neccessary to weight pot with nothing,she made orzo with lemon and parsley, huge failure with my fitness pall, so I used cronometer for tracking orzo,I just added my portion weight, so diff when you do not cooked, I did not eat fatty food today

  21. You talked about weighing the food but didn’t mention what that has to do with counting calories? Is it because you put the weight into the app and then the app tells you how many calories it is? I never understood the weighing thing

  22. Method 2.. 10 times more convenient.. That’s what I used to do when I was body building. Went from 355lbs to 225lbs. Met my wife had two kids 6 years later im 300lbs again. 😭..

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