Infection Control Ch.5

Infection Control Ch.5


Purpose of the video is to help Esthetician’s review chapters in their text book to better prepare for State Bord testing, by simply reading and going over some of the material, it’s not intended to replace any teaching from any Beauty College. Every instructor does things different, Keep in mind I am in the state of Texas, also keep in mind that when in school students are to follow guidelines and might be required to do things a bit different, I teach my students the text book because that is where the state board questions come from and the goal is for them to pass their board exams. I also teach them and go over real working situations they might come across in the salon or spa.

* I am not affiliated with TDLR or PSI in any way

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  1. Question as I’m watching, the book you’re reading from is a different edition than the one I have, although much of what you’re covering in within my book now. Are you licensed? When did you take your test?

  2. This is very helpful! My state board exam is in a few weeks and this helps me focus in on the subjects that are most difficult for myself.

  3. Question I have a cosmetologist as a teacher. And she seems to be lost about everything and it seems like we are using the old book. Is this ok for a school to do? I’ve listened for 20 minutes and have learned more than I have in the last two weeks.

  4. Am I able to follow along using the old book? I bought my book without even knowing there is a new one. I am an apprentice for esthetician through a solan. I struggle with textbooks and found your channel to be really helpful.

  5. This is sooo super helpful Im so thankful for you and this channel!! im rewriting all of my notes for midterms mine were all over the place thank you so much fr!!!!

  6. Thank you, this is actually helping me study while at work ! I take classes on the weekend and have a test every week

  7. I am thankful for finding your channel! Very informative and is easy to understand. I will be starting school in April 2022 and I am happy the material is at my fingertips. It’s giving me a head start because I need to review things more than once to understand it. It gives me confidence that I will be ready when classes start! Thank you! 🙂

  8. I know I did not just find this!!!! 💅🏽
    I’m about to listen now, I’m beginning with chapter 5 in school now 🏆

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