Is Diet Soda Bad For You?

Is Diet Soda Bad For You?

Researchers have found links between artificial sweetener consumption and Type 2 diabetes, dementia & other conditions. This latest study found a link between drinking diet sodas and having a heart attack or stroke.

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If you’re trying to reduce sugar and calories in your diet, you may want to turn to artificial sweeteners or other sugar substitutes. Some of those alternatives, however, are linked to an increase in certain diseases, including dementia and Type 2 diabetes. Dr. Brandy Patterson explains in this segment of “Straight Talk MD.”

Hi, welcome to “Straight Talk MD.” I’m Dr. Brandy P. There are many foods and beverages available today that bill themselves as healthier alternatives. Chief among them– diet sodas. These artificially sweetened drinks are typically lower in calories than regular soda.

But now that these products have been available for a while, we’ve had a chance to investigate the long-term impacts of consumption. We now know that they are far from healthy. The artificial sweeteners found in diet drinks, saccharin and aspartame, for example, have already been linked with an increase in dementia, obesity, metabolic syndrome, and Type 2 diabetes.

The population based women’s health initiative, which examined causes of morbidity and mortality in postmenopausal women, is shedding light on yet another risk of consuming artificial sweeteners. This study, followed postmenopausal women, ages 50 to 79, for almost 12 years. Those with no history of diabetes or heart disease, but who drank two or more artificially sweetened 12 ounce beverages per day had a significantly increased risk of clot based strokes, heart attacks, and early death.

The risk was highest among those women who were obese and/or African-American. After controlling for lifestyle factors, the study found that women who consumed two or more artificially sweetened beverages each day were 31% more likely to have a clot based stroke, 29% more likely to have heart disease, and 16% more likely to die from any cause than women who drank diet beverages less than once a week or none at all.

Although this particular study included postmenopausal women only, I believe that there is enough evidence from this and previous studies to conclude that consuming more than two artificially sweetened beverages per day is just not a healthy option for anyone. That doesn’t mean you should make the switch back to regular soda. Those are loaded with unhealthy sugars and corn syrup.

Instead, try adding some fresh fruit, like a lemon or a lime to a glass of water or sparkling water. Break that soda habit. I know you can do it. And you’re going to be better off for it. Thanks for watching this segment of “Straight Talk MD.”


  1. This is all bullshit people! The studies are flawed! The reporter said that women who drink 2 or more diet sodas a day are 31% more likely to have a stroke…I’d say 1% of women drink 2 or more than diet soda in a day. Let me guess that demographic…all obese. Strokes are commonly caused from obesity, so the diet soda itself isn’t causing strokes it’s all the other shit they eat!! You can’t get fat from diet soda…that’s a fact. The only way to gain weight is by consuming calories…well diet soda has none so someone please explain to me how you can get fat drinking it. And don’t say because it causing you too eat more…well then it the food you eat not the diet soda…learn to control yourself then!

  2. I mean shit Cola and Pepsi are basically soda syrup of course a diet can would be better in comparison, but is it good without a foe? No

  3. Are you guys really talking about woman right now in something based on diet stuff but your talking about woman really can you for once talk about good things about man you do know that not only woman drink soda even men do it and cheat pass are something stupid if you give your wife or girl friend or boy or husband a cheat pass and they use it then thatd a bad sign

  4. So I’ve been drinking a lot of water, but I’ve been drinking diet soda to ween myself off of sugary drinks, is that ok?

  5. But doesn’t sugar also have a link to obesity and type 2 diabetes? Might as well get diabetes with less calorie intake.

  6. This video has great information, but I’m confused about the best diet plan that I should use, only because I have never used any. Anyone tried using the Custokebon Secrets? I have heard many people mention amazing things about Custokebon Secrets.

  7. The diet soda is the most dangerous soda you can drink. Artificial sweeteners are cancerous, your better off taking in real sugar than that. Trust me

  8. how do you know that it’s specifically the soda doing it and not the burgers, Wendys and all the junk they’re eating

  9. im so dissapointed they didnt mention the chemical reactions
    the search for better diets goes on! autobots, its time to move on

  10. I love pepsi but if i try diet pepsi kt taste wierd or i get acid reflux and it burns relly bad so i dont drink diet soda

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  13. "The artificial sweeteners found in diet drinks, saccharine and aspartame, have already been linked with an increase in dementia, obesity, metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes."

    Me: Damn, that’s not good. *sips diet Pepsi*

  14. I feel like they didn’t explain very well WHY diet soda is worse, just said that there is higher risk of diabetes and stuff. Let me do it for them.

    Artificial sugar tricks the body to think its regular sugar, therefore adding insulin to lower the blood sugar level and prepare for the sugar. But when it doesn’t come, the blood is instead in need of sugar. So to compensate for the lost sugar it makes the body take up more sugar, carbohydrate and fats from the next meal, making you fat anyways. Basically it gives the same effect as regular soda anyway, and it also makes you crave more sugar and unhealthy stuff so you also eat more than needed.
    In the long run, diet soda makes you just as overweight or even more than if you drink regular. But of course, you still shouldn’t do any of them.

    Stay healthy and away from ”diet” soda 🙂

  15. This is such garbage reporting. Obese people drinking Diet Coke with their Big Macs and Supersize fries is whats giving diet sodas a bad wrap. Are diet sodas good for you? No. Are they bad for you? No.

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  17. Oooh… am dead ass drinking diet coke while watching this🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

    My last😩😩

  18. If you are on a diet don’t drink soda period, just drink water, diet soda isn’t gonna help you 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

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