Is Diet Soda WORSE Than a Sugary Soda?

Is Diet Soda WORSE Than a Sugary Soda?

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  1. Absolutely correct. I don’t work out and only made low carb decisions to go from 255 to 195. Busy lifestyle 2 kids/dog/demanding job and I’m a soda addict. Another 30 lbs to go and I know I’ll have to drop the soda. This is now an easier gradual step then going from lots of regular soda to nothing but water.

  2. I started drinking zero sugar pop recently…I ended up nearly passing out in a store… seriously thought I was going to drop….long story short… don’t go anywhere near aspartame!

  3. Because of the aspartame I choose not to drink diet soda. Instead I use carbonated water with a few drops of Mio. But then again, it has some sucralose in it!🙄

  4. The problem is high fructose corn syrup because it must be processed by the liver causing a lot of damage you’re not addressing…

  5. I am drinking a Zevia right now! It keeps me sane. I don’t drink tonnrs of it, but when I want something that taste sugary or soda as opposed to water? It’s Zevia all the way. Just wish more places carried it.

  6. Yes you should primarily drink water and everything should be in moderation. I just hate these studies that have very little test samples or they are funded by a competing industry (sugar).

  7. I drink a coke 0 once a week and my sugar cravings have completely stopped and I lost 40 pounds. Yes, it would be healthier if I didn’t drink any at all, but damn it, I only get to live this life once and if 1 soda every 7 days makes me happy then I’m gonna drink it and not feel guilty.

  8. Drank 2- 64 oz pepsi every day from age 16 to like 20. No water…. ever. That was 20 years ago and I feel like my body is still paying for it.

  9. Yes, diet soft drinks are at the very least just as bad for you as sugary soft drinks. *However*… diet soft drinks can’t cause weight gain. And the fact is that a lot of people out there are only losing weight for beauty reasons, not because they care about long term health. So that’s why diet coke is very popular…

  10. I wish it was easy to quit soda, I’ve been addicted for many years. I’m now drinking an average of 64oz per day. I feel like crap when I don’t get it, and my wife has the same addiction. I fear we will both die before our kids are grown, but feel powerless to stop because we also eat very unhealthy.

  11. When I was like 5 or 6 I drank diet soda, and mistakenly thought that I’ll die from drinking it because it says “diet” but I still drank some.

  12. Actual fact a sprite sipped over an hour limiting consumption 2 less than 16 oz of month it’s part of how I beat my type 2 diabetes even before beginning the process to get my bariatric surgery.
    So it really depends on where you are in the process. If you’re still just researching keto and getting ready to be able to make the change over to keto then in the meantime limiting your soda consumption and having 16 oz or less of a light-colored soda cuz it has way less sugar in a month. Can be a great first step before you’re ready to commit to full keto. Once you are on Keto you have to be drinking the lime water or lemon water and just be okay with that.

    Getting the big one gallons of drinking water so that you are not picking up all the crap in your Municipal Water Supply with a huge game-changer for me in losing 30 lb even before I got approved for surgery.

  13. Quitting soda is so hard for me. I have gone to Diet Pepsi and I generally drink one a day with dinner but I feel like I will only quit if absolutely forced. It’s the taste and carbonation combined with food. I’m not a fan of Coke products. Hoping there is a better alternative in the future.

  14. I get headaches from aspartame and gut aches from nutrisweet. Xylitol and stevia are tolerable to me. Sugar is the best! Just, modulate your vices, eh? It’s a matter of proportion…it’s a hard nut without any numbers…

  15. I drink diet soda daily im good lol, i got nothing against artificial sweeteners but i also got nothing against natural sweeteners like stevia and monk fruit.

    I’ll gladly drink my diet soda filled with sucralose and aspartame and also chug my zevia filled with stevia.

    I chug it all regularly im down from 250lbs to 133lbs, calories drive weight loss people so if you are ok with Sweeteners then enjoy your soda it wont affect your weight loss keto or not

  16. If you want to lose fat, you should not jeopardize your health with the keto diet. I recommend getting a personalized diet. I’ve had great success with the Agoge diet for example.

  17. I’ve lost 100lbs on keto since 11/2020 and make my own homemade soda using saccharin drink and cook with it daily. New studies show that it fights cancer not causes it.

  18. whats about zero sugar soda? not diet but zero sugar coke or mountain dew or pepsi? whats the different between zero sugar coke or diet coke? and is one better than the other?

  19. I have absolutely no intention of commenting on the science, but what I do know from personal experience is that over my lifetime, I am convinced that products have become sweeter – in some cases, far too sweet for my taste!

    As we become used to, and expect sweeter products, some if not all of that sweetness is increasingly provided artificially. While you can argue and counter-argue the dangers/benefits, something inescapable seems to be missing, and I would love to see thoroughly investigated, is just how much does the regular consumption of (arguably) healthier artificially sweetened products make you choose a higher level of sweetness elsewhere, sweetness which could well be provided by (again arguably, I don’t want to go there!) unhealthy sugars?.

  20. Yes, it’s WAY worse!!! Every diet soda I’ve tried tastes awful and leaves a nasty taste in my mouth that won’t go away. I don’t know how people can stand to drink the stuff.

  21. Ad for Diet Coke before this ran.

    I still can’t give up my bottle of 25% sucralose solution. I’ve been a type 1 diabetic since 1970 and I’ve had a decent hemoglobin A1C (6.5 or less) only since I began low-carbohydrate eating a few years ago. Seven months ago I went near-carnivore and cut back sharply on seed oils and highly-processed foods mostly as a by-product but partly by cooking with coconut oil, butter, or ghee. A1C is recently around 5.

  22. I’m doing keto and I have a diet soda every couple of days. Weight has never dropped off me so fast in my life. Those sodas are keeping me sane lol

  23. If I know I’m going to want to overeat I buy a 2 liter of Diet Coke and drink it all with my meal so my stomach stays full

  24. How the hell does something with zero calories make you fat lol he using big words to try and fool you it’s calories in vs calories out u wanna loose weight you have to be in a calorie deficit simple as that

  25. Advising people to use artificial sweetener??? In sane ! Fools will follow this dangerous advice to drink artificial anything

  26. Aspartame is two amino acids plus methanol. But the methanol can be replaced with ethanol. That chemical relative is just about half as sweet as aspartame, so almost nobody makes it, and I don’t know of a source.

    Is it the methanol in aspartame that’s dangerous? Is it the phenylalanine? Is any short-chain protein with phenylalanine also dangerous? How short a chain? I don’t know. Certainly phenylalanine is an essential amino acid.

  27. no thank you! I don’t care how people talk up fizzy, even if it’s diet fizzy 🤮 I will never touch that poison again! water and green tea with lemon is my thing 🍵🍋

  28. I love Thomas DeLauer, but disagree with his take. I avoid ALL sodas like the plague. EXCEPTION: club soda 😎

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