1. You need space in your gut to give residence? Wtf you talking about lmao glad he never talked to this person again.

  2. and sugar free drinks DO NOT make people obese vs full sugar drinks., stop spouting absolute fkn lies. there is ZERO legitamate research to support this. Obviously if people who are sugar dependant switch to sugar free sodas, then make up for the sugar eating shitty sugary foods instead, OBVIOUSLY they are going to gain weight. End of the day its calories in VS calories burned. Sugar free drinks are virtually calorie free. Not saying they are good for you. But to spout bullshit as fact like sugar free drinks lead to obesity, get bent

  3. Studies have shown that eating ice cream with a side of DMT will give you a brain like Joe Biden. If I’m lying I’m dying in Afghanistan. True Story, I swear to Mohamandeggs.

  4. Not gonna lie, whether you like him or not, who actually believes trump could watch 8 hours of tv a day. He was the damn president, you think he has that time?

  5. I know a ton of girls w/ eating disorders that are like all about diet coke which I refuse to eat diet foods of any kind if tastes funny.

  6. Can you trust the media? No.

    The whole point is to keep people fat and unhealthy. "Diet" infront of most things is just a marketing ploy. Plus it taste crap.

  7. Remember Brain surgeon once saying stop drinking it … it’s bad, real bad… but the evils of the world only think of one thing $$$$$$ and their ideology……

  8. yeah cool. bitching about drinking sugar free soda alternatives. Sorry but given the choice, its FAR more beneficial to drink a sugar free alternative then the full sugar alternative, especially when consumed in excess. Ok so trump drinks 12x cans of DIET coke a day, that is far BETTER than drinking 12x cans of full sugar coke a day, PERIOD.

  9. research says drinking one a day wont effect you in a negative way . so idk what this female talking about u can search it up online .

  10. Problem is not Diet Coke is people over eating!!! If you still eat like shit and drink water, ya ass will get fat!!

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